DodgerBlast: Simers sits with Jamie McCourt

T.J. Simers yet agaim drops a bombshell about the McCourts, in a sit-down with Jamie in which the former Mrs. McCourt was rather forthcoming and (seemingly) honest.
Jamie McCourt
Jamie seems genuinely hurt by the Frank McCourt mud-slinging, and claims to “take the high road” in not airing the couple’s dirty laundry. She denies the alleged affair, is protective of the kids (four sons, whom perhaps she may be craftily ‘using’ to gain public leverage), and also very elaborative on her role within the organization, claiming Frank actually told her to “Go be the face of the Dodgers, go be the external brand [in the community].”

More of the Jamie insights extracted from T.J. include:

On the Children: “Boys tend to want to defend their mother, but they’re caught between a rock and hard place,” she says. “They don’t want to see anything said about either parent. It’s an unpleasant situation and it would not have been my choice to ever have anything put out there. . .To read everything that’s been said is devastating, and my kids are pretty upset about it,” she says. “I want my kids to look back and say she took the high road. It’s hard, but that’s what I’m going to try and do.”

On the Afair with Dodgers Direct of Protocol Jeff Fuller: “Absolutely not,” she says. “I have never been with another man until the marriage broke up. Ever. Ever.”

On her role in the continuous increase in Ticket Prices: “That was a big fight with me and Frank. I haven’t wanted to raise ticket prices for several years. It was a big debate. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know this isn’t the time to raise ticket prices.”

On her seemingly outrageous ‘support’ demands, including $400k/month: “Let’s remember it’s how we lived and not how I lived,” she says, later a lawyer explaining it’s the woman most often placed in the position of documenting what it will take to live rather than the man having to be so specific. “It’s something that had to be done at the time. I can only listen to my lawyers who do this every day for a living.”

Most importantly, T.J. uncovers this gem: The Times learned the Dodgers hired a corporate strategist four years ago to evaluate the whole organization, including the relationship between Frank and Jamie.

The corporate strategists conclusion? “It was clear that Jamie believed that the success of the relationship is the key to all doors. She believes that the partnership is at risk because Frank ‘doesn’t get it.’
“[Frank] doesn’t value her talents, listens to her only on his terms and shows little respect/acknowledgment for her in public. Jamie says that she can be a bigger asset to them if Frank could get by his need to dominate the public stage and better understand her business value.”

In short, it appears that Jamie’s credibility is enhanced by this robust and in-depth piece of journalism. We don’t know both sides yet, but kudos to T.J. for once again allowing us to see the underdog perspective.

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