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Lakers: Courtside View

Last night’s Lakers-Knicks battle at Staples Center was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had as a fan, at least from a televised perspective.

For only the second time in their history, the Lakers utilized a simulcast (showing the game on both FSW and Prime Ticket) to bring viewers a near in-arena experience with the Courtside View experience – bringing the viewer literally thisclose to the game:
The Lakers won the game rather easily (‘Bench Mob’ shortcomings aside), 100-90, behind Kobe’s 34 points but from my seat that was an afterthought.

Aside from the rather overenthused halftime ‘reporting’ by Bill McDonaldhttps://i1.wp.com/2.bp.blogspot.com/_Fug5nS6G78I/SsGvoJ4GmpI/AAAAAAAAEMI/FuWmMcFskHo/s400/billmacdonald_01.jpg, the entire experience was a ‘Best Case Scenario’ for a Lakers fan. You are quite literally sitting Courtside, but from the comfort of the home sofa. The sounds of the game were highlighted from players’ sneakers to the natural crowd noise (it’s really amazing at how uninspired the Lakers crowds really are, even with Spike Lee & Stevie Wonder adjunct to Jack Nicholson) to the grunts and moans of the players to Lawrence Tanter’s baritone:

In short, it really enabled me to get into the game in more depth than I normally do. Though Joel Meyers & Stu Lantz are an entertaining, informative duo, it was really nice to FEEL the game from that unique perspective.

Here’s hoping that the powers that be at Fox/Prime choose to make this a semi-regular feature of the broadcasts in the future. Maybe even a Playoff game?

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