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2010 National Signing Day Recruiting Classes: UCLA, USC


Total Signings:18 Top150 Signings: 10 Five-star commits:2 Four-star:13

Robert Woods 87 WR #1 WR 6-1 180 Junipero Serra H.S. (CA)
Markeith Ambles 83 WR #4 WR 6-2 185 Henry County H.S. (GA)
Xavier Grimble 83 TE #1 TE 6-5 241 Bishop Gorman H.S. (NV)
D.J. Morgan 83 ATH #7 ATH 5-10 175 Woodland Hills-Taft H.S. (CA)
Kyle Prater 82 WR #9 WR 6-5 200 Proviso West H.S. (IL)
Jesse Scroggins 82 QB #2 QB 6-2 189 Lakewood H.S. (CA)
George Uko 81 DT #5 DT 6-4 299 Don Antonio Lugo H.S. (CA)
Demetrius Wright 81 CB #6 CB 6-1 185 Corona Senior H.S. (CA)
Patrick Hall 81 LQ ATH 6-1 185 Saint Bonaventure H.S. (CA)
Dillon Baxter 81 ATH #12 ATH 5-11 190 Mission Bay H.S. (CA)
Nickell Robey 80 CB #13 CB 5-8 160 Frostproof H.S. (FL)
Christian Thomas 80 TE #8 TE 6-3 234 Highland H.S. (CA)
Randall Telfer 80 TE #10 TE 6-4 215 Rancho Cucamonga H.S. (CA)
Anthony Brown 80 ATH #21 ATH 5-10 176 Henry J. Kaiser H.S. (CA)
Giovanni Di Poalo 77 OG #38 OG 6-4 260 Saint Bonaventure H.S. (CA)
Glen Stanley OLB 6-2 240 Ocala, FL Eastern Arizona College

https://i1.wp.com/i118.photobucket.com/albums/o110/revmyspace/freegraphics/sports/College_UCLA_Bruins.jpg2010 UCLA BRUINS SIGNING DAY CLASS

Total Signings:22 Top 150 Signings:6 Four-star commits:9 Three-star:13

Owamagbe Odighizuwa 84 DE #2 DE 6-3 235 David Douglas H.S. (OR)
Jordon James 83 RB #5 RB 5-10 188 Corona Senior H.S. (CA)
Malcolm Jones 81 RB #8 RB 6-1 217 Oaks Christian H.S. (CA)
Anthony Barr 81 ATH #11 ATH 6-4 223 Loyola H.S. (CA)
Dietrich Riley 81 S #10 S 6-1 196 Saint Francis H.S. (CA)
Aramide Olaniyan 81 OLB #13 OLB 6-2 200 Woodberry Forest School (VA)
Kip Smith 80 K #2 K 6-0 200 Legacy H.S. (CO)
Josh Shirley 79 OLB #19 OLB 6-3 210 Henry J. Kaiser H.S. (CA)
Tevin McDonald 79 S #18 S 5-11 180 Edison H.S. (CA)
Chris Ward 79 OG #15 OG 6-4 285 Mater Dei H.S. (CA)
Cassius Marsh 79 DT #33 DT 6-4 290 Oaks Christian H.S. (CA)
Paul Richardson 78 WR #67 WR 6-1 180 Junipero Serra H.S. (CA)
Anthony Jefferson 77 S #48 S 6-1 172 Cathedral H.S. (CA)
Kody Innes 77 OT #43 OT 6-4 270 Saguaro H.S. (AZ)
Eric Kendrick 77 OLB #47 OLB 6-1 205 Hoover H.S. (CA)
Jordan Zumwalt 76 ILB #26 ILB 6-4 215 Edison H.S. (CA)
Sealii Epenesa 76 DT #79 DT 6-2 300 Iolani School (HI)
Derrick Bryant 76 DE #91 DE 6-4 230 Brookhaven H.S. (OH)
Shaquille Richardson 75 CB #73 CB 6-1 170 Los Alamitos H.S. (CA)
Wesley Flowers 75 DT #88 DT 6-4 250 Edison H.S. (CA)
John Young 73 TE #69 TE 6-3 252 Loyola H.S. (CA)
Wade Yandall 73 OT #137 OT 6-4 294 Carson H.S. (CA)

L.A. CliffNotes

The Lakers continued their uninspired play and Kobe missed a potential gamewinner at the buzzer; the Lakers lose in Toronto 106-105.

Meanwhile across town, Chris Kaveman lobbies for his own (deserved) All-Star candidacy by trashing Pau Gasol’s viability in the Game.

Kudos to Ramona Shelbourne on her new gig for EspnLosAngles.com, espousing on the inconsisent, difficult-to-read play of both the USC and UCLA hoops squads.https://i1.wp.com/www.barrystickets.com/images/los-angeles-venues/Pauley-Pavilion.jpghttps://i0.wp.com/trojanupdate.com/media/images/posts/galencenter.jpg

That said, folks back in the Tri-Valley of Eastern Washington are disappointed reading about the upstart Bruins defeating the Cougars, 74-62. Again, the continued scrappy play of Mustafa Abdul-Hamid provided a constant spark. The Bruins are now one game out of first place – and two games out of last – in the Pac-10 conference standings. The conference Champion will get a bid, but will that champ be the only team from the Pac-10 to make the tourney?

I’m telling you, how can you not harken back to this guy during times such as these:

Oh yeah, that’s right.

I will tell you this, however, Kevin O’Neill is doing a helluva job in obscurity (and sanctionville) after the implosion of last year’s Trojan squad. I’ll bet even this guy is proud:

Bytheway Dodger fans – have you checked out Dylan Hernandez’s Twitter yet?

As far as the Angels are concerned, an unemotional goodbye is in order for strangely estranged Native Son Gary Matthews Jr., traded unceremoniously for Brian Stokes, another California kid. Matthews never really fit under Arte’s regime; always the fourth outfielder, sort of in a Juan Pierre-esque fashion – Matthews definitely is good enough to play centerfield wherever he wants, but his hitting just hasn’t been the same since the suspiciously successful 2006 year he had with the Rangers. The HGH accusations didn’t sit too well at home, nor with the Angels’ brass.https://i0.wp.com/images.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/_photos/2006-07-12-matthews-med.jpg

Also I keep saying it – don’t sleep on the Kings this year. NHL pundit Jason Sapir says they still may be too young, but with inspirational wins such as the 3-2 comeback over the Red Wings becoming commonplace, don’t be surprised if they ride young goalie Jonathan Quick to a deep run in the Playoffs. With five Olympians, the squad is immensely talented. And well coached. Even with the rift between negative18er Jack Johnson and stud GM Dean Lombardi, the Kings are playing well, and holding on to the seventh seed in the West.

Drew Gordon Transfers from UCLA: Ben Howland Next?

The already disappointing UCLA Bruin hoops season (2-4, including losses to Long Beach St. & Cal-St Fullerton, with Kansas & Mississippi St. next on the agenda) just became more difficult, as the FireBenHowland watch officially began with Super Sophomore Drew Gordon’s Transfer.

Howland’s failure as Coach, at least in corralling big-name talent within the confines of his program, has been evident for the past two years – which, yes, did follow three consecutive Final Four appearances. The problem is NOT with Howland’s ability to coach. He’s a fine coach; a phenomenal coach, even.
Ben Howland says: I guess you can say UCLA is an “elite” program.

The fact is, though – he is not a UCLA coach; the Bruin program sustained elite status through the decades with athletic, heady players buying into variations of a run-n-gun theme, from Wooden to Harrick to yes, Steve Lavin. What Bruin fans – and Bruin hoopsters – are accustomed to is filling seats at Pauley due to exciting, high-flying basketball befitting of their Blue Chip recruit status.

And yes, Howland can recruit his ass off; he’s had top-five classes during four of the past six years. Howland can also coach. He turned Northern Arizona (who?!?) and Pittsburgh into stronger-than-anyone-ever-expected programs, and he revitalized Westwood with the recent string of successes. That said, his successes came at a price – who can forget UCLA’s plodding, defensively smothering, arduous, grind-it-out playing style that served them so well during the Afflalo/Farmar/Shipp/Matt/Mbah-a-Moute Days? That style of ball does not land Howland any points with the top crop of phenoms that comes out of the L.A. playgrounds each year. And you can completely forget about grabbing the talent on the East Coast.

The “kids these days” don’t want to learn Howland’s trademark “aggressive man-to-man defense” so much as they want to be freed up to run, shoot, score on their way to a one-and-done “career” in NCAA basketball. There’s a reason Studio City’s Jrue Holiday was labeled a disappointment as a Bruin and ended up leaving after one season – he did NOT want to play this kind of basketball. Kevin Love, too https://i2.wp.com/blog.oregonlive.com/highschool/2007/11/Kevin-love.jpg – though he bought into Howland’s style, and was a true beast/monster in every regard, one season was enough. “If I want to work more on defense than my growth as a person, student & ballplayer, I’ll go to the NBA” seems to be a mantra, which brings us back to Drew Gordon. He left, simply because he was sick of being hindered by a coach that seems to believe that defense is the only way to win ballgames. “With the talent that’s on the UCLA team,” Gordon’s father, Ed, said, “there’s absolutely no reason for that to happen.”

Even more important, the younger Gordon felt like a bad fit in UCLA’s measured style of play. “His athleticism always has shined more in an up-and-down tempo,” his father said. “That’s not exactly what the UCLA system is about.”

Drew Gordon: Athletic as hell, and note Ben Howland in the background actually looking annoyed that one of his players would leap out of the gym.

The onus may not be fully on Howland, as BruinReportOnline provided some valuable insight into the transfer.
” He had a history of outbursts — against coaches in which he would argue vociferously, and against players. A source says that he was involved in three fights with his teammates, and Howland had warned him that there was no further tolerance of it.

When he was a high school prospect, we had heard quite a bit about him, about how he could be a difficult personality and tough to coach. When we learned that he had committed to UCLA we were particularly surprised, since we didn’t think he was a good fit for Howland’s program. The fact that he picked UCLA and Howland gave us a little hope that, perhaps, he recognized what he needed to make himself a better player.

Now, I’m not saying that Howland is a saint in all this. The way he coaches and runs his program, a player like Gordon was going to be naturally problematic. Perhaps there’s another coach out there that would be able to work with Gordon, adapt to his idiosyncracies, and get the most out of him.
And that’s what this is about – adapting to the players that will come to your school. UCLA can get recruits even if Bozo the Clown is coaching in Westwood. It’s also about adapting to the times; at a second-tier program with second-tier recruits, defense may be the ONLY way to win games. Once you’re in prime time, though – it’s time to fly. And that’s what UCLA baskeball is and should be about.

Now will Ben Howland get fired? Of course not – he’s a great man and again, a spectacular coach. He’s just NOT the right coach for UCLA.

YallKiltIt Prediction: UCLA 29 – USC 28

For the record, the Bruins won the first three matchups during my years in Westwood, the tail end of eight in a row total (1991 – 1998).

Uncle Ricky Neuheisel will continue his drive take the town from Uncle Pete. Nelson Rosario, Kevin Prince, Jonathan Franklin and Lake Balboa Birmingham‘s Milton Knox will solidify UCLA’s future on the offensive side, and Brian Price & Alterraun Verner will shut down Matt Barkley and the misused stable of backs in the McKnight/Gable-less USC backfield. For the record, I like Carroll quite a bit but his handling of the QB position from the anger at the departure of Mark Sanchez to the unbridled, cloying, hyperbolic praise for his current Superfrosh has left the first real question mark of his otherwise outstanding tenure.

Regardless, UCLA’s momentum will shine stronger than the Trojan might can handle. The city capital will once again be situated between Bel-Air and Brentwood. The Bruins will win, Los Angelinos. The Bruins WILL win.

https://i1.wp.com/www.espnshop.com/images/products/large_w/644-0605_w.jpg29 – 28 https://i0.wp.com/images.sportstation.com/images/amazon/riddell/Rid5RFS-USC.jpg


Bruin Bear: Defaced!

Good to see the College Pranks are still taken seriously by some spirited students:

Bruin Ruined: UCLA Mascot Attacked by Vandals


Also note: “Tommy Trojan” wrapped in protective duct tape

WESTWOOD — Someone has vandalized UCLA’s beloved bruin bear statue ahead of Saturday’s football game against rival USC.

The vandals cut through a protective tarp and dumped red and yellow paint on the mascot, which is poised in the center of the Westwood campus. Suspiciously, USC’s colors are cardinal and gold.

Workers were seen attempting to remove the paint Wednesday morning. It was not immediately known what time the vandals did the dirty work.

The bruin statue was protected with an anti-paint coating for situations such as this.

Over at the University of Southern California, students were seen camping out by the Tommy Trojan statue, which was wrapped in duct tape or plastic to protect it from such an attack.

The Trojans and the Bruins face off at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Coliseum.

UCLA. . .Hooped

The College Hoops season is underway, but somebody forgot to tell the UCLA Bruins that it’s not preseason anymore.
As exciting as it was to open the season at 9pm PST as the kickoff game for ESPN’s 24 Hours of Madness. . .well that’s about how dull & boring the Bruin offense looked. Missing their first seven shots (and going scoreless for more than three minutes), the Bruins looked competitively underwhelmed for the contest, losing in double-overtime versus the Big West contending Titans of Fullerton. The shooting of Dragovic (2 for 14) and Lee (7 of 23) was horrendous, and the only bright spot, really, was Nelson Reeves scoring 11 off the bench. Really ugly game, and though there are widespread injuries throughout the roster, this season does not beckon well for Howland and his overrated recruiting classes.

Here’s the Bruin box from last night. Prit-tee sorry, guys. Just like the plans for the Pauley renovation, but that’s a whole other story.

Drew Gordon, F-C 38 5-12 0-0 0-2 6 8 1 0 2 1 4 10
Nikola Dragovic, F 40 2-14 1-9 0-0 1 14 2 1 2 3 2 5
Malcolm Lee, G 38 7-23 1-8 2-3 4 7 4 2 0 1 4 17
Jerime Anderson, G 40 1-11 0-3 1-3 1 2 3 2 0 3 0 3
Michael Roll, G 49 6-15 3-8 2-3 0 3 5 2 0 0 2 17
Mike Moser, F 1 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
Reeves Nelson, F 12 4-6 0-0 3-5 4 6 0 0 1 1 2 11
James Keefe, F 32 1-3 0-1 0-1 2 9 4 0 0 1 1 2
26-84 5-29 8-17 18 49 19 7 5 11 15 65
31.0% 17.2% 47.1%