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Again – Lebron Sucks

Actual quote from everybody’s-hero-yet-owner-of-zero-rings Lebron James, after last night’s debacle:

“I spoil a lot of people with my play. When you have three bad games in seven years, it’s easy to point them out.”

Also note that James proclaimed July 1, 2010, as the biggest day in the history of basketball, ramping up suspense of his ultimate decision: Do I stay or do I go?

Are you serious, Lebron?

Look – everybody knows that in overall physical talent & ability, you really are the greatest player to walk the court. The difference – and why YKI will continue to harangue you – is that you’d rather be a billionaire, a ‘Brand,’ a ‘Global Empire’, rather than win rings.

You keep the entire basketball world hanging on your decision of whether forsaking your childhood home, your friends that love you and your foundational support base is a good idea, as opposed to conquering Madison Avenue or South Beach.

In short, Lebron – Grow Up. You really do have the world at your fingertips, now own up to it and start acting like a Man.

LeBron = Literal Haaaaaaaa

GrandMaster LeBron wants NBA Players to ‘Retire’ Jersey #23
My favorite part of the ordinance from the selfish, billionaire-aspiring, crybaby, self-aggrandizing LeBron is

“Now, if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.”

Remember, folks – he is the ‘King’ or ‘God’ or whatever else he claims.
Mr. Dominant has ZERO rings last time I checked and was dunked on by a college player – fair enough – but is SO self-conscious him & his handlers wouldn’t allow the video to be released.
Screw LeBron, screw what he stands for (himself), and screw the supporters that claim his superiority over Kobe, DWade, etc.
Until he wins, he can screw off.
And that, folks, is my take for the weekend.