Dodgers Ready to Light Up a Cuban

New Owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Bill Shaikin once again nails the story, which granted is a pipe dream. Cuban was already thwarted by MLB in his attempt to buy the Cubs, so I really don’t think anything will be different in this case. . .especially since the McCourts aren’t even selling the team officialliy as of yet. That said, it’s still nice to know that one of the most proactive, fan-friendly owners recognizes the value of the franchise & organization. Zany antics aside, Cuban does his best to make players feel comfortable and fans enjoy the experience.

Also note, the Dodgers are bringing the entire coaching staff back for 2010. We know Donnie did wonders with the offense (and is potentially manager in training), Duncan was a solid presence and Bowa was a perfect injection of fire into the clubhouse, but Rick Honeycutt and his ‘doy doy’ look & antics is a bit questionable. If Torre’s okay with it, though – so am I.

Evan Lovett


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