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UCLA Hoops, 2010

Be ready for a better than expected UCLA Bruin hoops season in 2010-2011, Bruin fans.

Though the coaches pick the Bruins for third in an underrated Pac-10 conference, the returning frontcourt of Tyler Honeycutt (Sylmar) and Reeves Nelson (love thug) teaming with massive frosh Josh Smith (300+ lbs) will provide a good foundation for Malcolm Lee‘s return to his natural SG role. With the point guard duo of underrated Juco transfer Lazeric Jones & the returning Jerime Anderson finally forcing Ben Howland to pick up the pace, YKI thinks that the Bruins stand a good shot for unexpected dominance this year.

Not this kind of dominance, per se, but in His honor:


Also note the Bruins have a freshman forward named Alex Schrempf. Name sound familiar? It should – son of Detlef, one of the most awesome Euros ever in the NBA.

One more in the proud UCLA lineage as well; a freshman walk-on by the name of Jack Haley will fight Wooden’s grandson Tyler Trapani for the hearts of hustle-loving fans. And yes, Haley is the son of that Jack Haley.

Anyway, the fun ride starts tonight vs. the mighty Matadors of Cal-St. Northridge. My wife and Dad both attended CSUN, so I will be in attendance and rooting for upstart, Bobby Braswell-led Valleyboys to. . .put up a fight in the first half and earn some experience to lead to a return to the Tourney.

L.A. Mursings

Russell Martin returns to camp “like a linebacker,” weighing 235 pounds, bulking up in the offseason by following – you ready for this, MItchell Report acolytes?Eric Gagne’s training regimen, in attempt to hit for more power. Hopefully this is more Mike Piazza than Andruw Jones.

Don’t fret, Halos fans, YKI WILL be covering the Angels this year as well, as are the hordes of Japanese media swarming over Hideki Matsui‘s cross-coast move to Anaheim.

As if UCLA hoops fans haven’t had it difficult enough this year with realization of the utter failure of last year’s recruiting class and the mediocre play in the less-than-mediocre Pac-10, stud frosh Reeves Nelson is now debilitated with yet another eye injury.

Ho Hum. Kobe’s back. Another game winning 3-pointer, leading the Lakers to a one-point win over the Grizzlies.

T.J. rips Frank McCourt deservedly, especially in light of today’s revelation that the McCourt’s didn’t pay a dime in federal taxes last year.

A little Waves action from Vincent Bonsignore at the Daily News for uncovering Pepperdine star Keion Bell, who dazzled at Kobe Bryant’s ballcamp last year with this dunk over five people (go to the 40 second mark and enjoy):

And lastly, for my L.A. heads, this is the album of the day (though technically two separate albums, released four years apart):
Much like Gilbert Arenas, Murs began as a wildhorse; an L.A. native, massively talented & energetic, with charisma & personality almost overshadowing his ability. After a few brushes with superstardom, the work in the studio/gym led to a collaboration that enabled success (9th Wonder for Murs, Eddie Jordan for Gilbert) with a more adult outlook, though hints of immaturity (blog tirades/frat rap about sex) were still evident. For Arenas, a few questionable decisions led to potential jailtime & a league suspension, while Murs is clean. . .for now. Peep the albums before he pulls heat.