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The Dave Roberts Era

So if there was any question, Dave Roberts not only has put his imprint on this organization but is making it clear that this is an era where on-field management is a conduit for the front office yet still can have a major and positive impact (as opposed to being a puppet).

Removing Rich Hill yesterday during a perfect game, based on the fact that he was starting to have a little bit of “heat” on the blister finger (causing him to miss three of his last six scheduled starts), the move is objectively understandable. I would be extremely agitated if I was Rich Hill – or, frankly, any other Dodger – but the team won the ballgame and Roberts made the right move.

Roberts earnestly & honestly addressed his decision after the game (“I’m going to lose sleep” “I’ve never had a win feel like a loss”). He is clearly a team-oriented manager that understands what it’s like to be in those players’ cleats, and again, what he is done with such an undermanned, chronically injured, oddly constituted team this year has been nothing short of remarkable.


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Tracy, Scioscia – Ex-Dodgers win Manager of the Year

Manager of the Year – I agree on both selections.

First off, I’m very glad to see Jim Tracy recognized. He was unfairly ousted from the Dodger gig (though it ended up working out pretty well for the squad), it was nice to see him win the award.

In the AL, I can’t disagree with Mike Scioscia’s selection because of injuries/Adenhart. That said, Ron Gardenhire continues to be overlooked for his brilliant work. A team that was going to be a victim of contraction as recently as 2002 has steered the Minnesota Twins to FIVE first place finishes in the last eight years, with a payroll half the league average. One day he’ll get his due, but until then – kudos to the two ex-Dodgers for winning the awards.

NL Manager of the Year Voting
Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Tot
Jim Tracy Rockies 29 2 151
Tony La Russa Cardinals 2 13 6 55
Joe Torre Dodgers 1 7 7 33
Bruce Bochy Giants 5 3 18
Bobby Cox Braves 3 6 15
Charlie Manuel Phillies 2 4 10
Fredi Gonzalez Marlins 4 4
Bud Black Padres 2 2
AL Manager of the Year Voting
Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Tot
Mike Scioscia Angels 15 10 1 106
Ron Gardenhire Twins 6 12 6 72
Joe Girardi Yankees 4 3 5 34
Don Wakamatsu Mariners 2 2 3 19
Ron Washington Rangers 1 1 11 19
Jim Leyland Tigers 2 2