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USC Trojan Dynasty Falls Further: Joe McKnight’s Life “Ruined”

Joe McKnight furthered his fall from grace with yet another flippant comment unearthed by wunderkind DailyNews writer Scott Wolf:
“You’ve all Ruined My Life”
said the child who is staring down a future as a multi-millionaire with a career, women, and yes – all the Land Rovers he can dream of.

How about a little perspective, Joe? You made a bad decision – not driving the car, but not being honest about it – and you need to live with the consequences. So what, you’re not playing in the Emerald Bowl? Get over it, it’s hopefully not the most important game you’re going to play in. . .I mean, even UCLA has a Bowl Game that’s more prestigious than yours. . .
Hey Joe is that your uniform number or your age?”