Ranking eMCees: the Naje Scale

This is a project about 17 years in the making.

I’d previously toyed with methods to rank rappers/eMCees/lyricists, and most efforts were either too simple (who are the dopest rappers!!!) or too complex (in college, I included 14 categories such as ‘heart,’ ‘message,’ etc this was really way too much & too corny).

I want to thank Naje for introducing me to the beautiful simplicity that is the Naje Scale. First off, Naje’s gauge, which encapsulates my view as well:

I know this is a bullshit gauge, but it is always one I refer to. If I feel like I can do what an emcee does then I can go crazy for they’re (sic) work. Like I cannot do what Aesop, or Eminem, or Kweli, or Redman, or El-P does.
completely agree. And that’s basically exactly what I look for in an eMCee. Somebody that exceeds what I think I could do if I gave my life to the craft.
For me, a reformed eMCee with dozens of lousy demo tapes and a current freestyle fetish that’s lasted for 20 years, I included myself on the chart (also, because I have a big ego). I quite realistically overrated myself, but allow me the ego trip on this one.
Without further adieu,  the chart is pretty self-explanatory other than to say the colors represent coastal association.
Red is West Coast
Navy is East Coast (I included Philly/Boston/Long Island)
Baby Blue is Midwest
Green is the Greater South
Brown is Bay Area
Slick Rick is in Black
eMCees that ‘tie’ are included on the same line with a slash. There is no association necessary between the rappers other than to say I deem their skills exactly similar regarding this axis.
Also – rappers such as Eminem and Nas with a widely disparate catalog (I’m looking at you, Oochie Wallie) are essentially averaged on their own work.

Naje Scale

*bold lines represent a 5, or average

I think my ‘favorite’ observation is the logjam of West Coast rappers between 4-5.5 (Skill) and 2-4 Content.
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.46.08 PM
These are the rappers closest to average in all four quadrants: Jean Grae, Masta Ace & L-Roneous above average in both – but barely:
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.46.16 PM
Another observation: there is only ONE West Coast guy (and two Bay Area) is above average in both, and it’s Acey – who’s barely over the skill line in my book – otherwise lotta Navy in this (coveted) quadrant.
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.46.22 PM

In short, I’m sure there are criticisms, critiques and methodology concerns. It’s all conversational and in fun. . .and I do tend to value awesome, awesome flow. It’s one of the dopest things in the world.



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