Joey Bats

I hope you have two minutes to watch the Jose Bautista highlight (full sound needed).


His homerun last night is now in my Top Ten Baseball Moments of All-Time. The sheer emotion of an entire nation that has been baseball-starved, mired in a (22-year!!!!) playoff drought culminated with that monstrous homerun and unprecedented glare/bat flip. I am not a bat flip monger, but this one was raw, unadulterated and completely appropriate.

The drama that led up to that moment:
*an elimination game
*2-2 pitcher’s duel heading to the 7th
*the Martin throw that richocheted off of Choo’s bat (I’ve never seen that in 35+ years) that led to the potential game-winning run
*followed by, in the bottom half of the inning, THREE consecutive Rangers errors (first time that’s ever happened in an elimination game)
*followed by a misplayed weak pop-up
*followed by Joey Bats
Listen to that crowd. That was a wholly cathartic release of emotion for a deserving city, and a franchise that has been maligned for the greater part of two decades. Really awesome.
Also, here’s a beautiful pictorial breakdown from Patrick Dorsey of ESPN and this is the takeaway image, the ‘Moment’ after the Moment.
Pretty awesome stuff. . .and these playoffs are just beginning.

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