Somebody talk me off the (Laker) Ledge

Okay, I was on a phone call this morning developing my Laker take for the ’13-’14 season and I need one of you true Laker heads to talk me off the ledge. Here goes.

While I am certain that D’Antoni was the worst possible choice for the makeup of last season’s roster and the collection of Laker bodies looks abhorrent this season when viewing the roster, I believe that the combination of the two (D’Antoni + scrubs) can lead to a 50+ win season and a low-tier playoff series.

Obviously this will not happen with defense, and frankly there are no Laker superstars sans Kobe, but take a look:
Nick Young – points in a hurry
Jordan Farmar – kid can play uptempo, will be starting point guard by mid-season
Steve Nash – the proto-D’Antoni player, make him 6th man and hold him to 25 minutes a game, he’ll drop 12/6 a night.
Steve Blake – showed last year that he can play a good tempo, maybe the only guy that performed under D’Antoni.
Xaviery Henry/Wesley Johnson/Darius Johnson-Odom/Ryan Kelly/Elias Harris – one or two of these athletic, young players can turn into a Boris Diaw/Toney Douglas/Wilson Chandler type, just chipping in double digits in points per night.
Chris Kaman – old, creaky, but still a top 15 center. Just get a double double each night.

This is where it gets nuts.
Pau Gasol I love you but thank the man for the rings & his service, and TRADE him for more athletes in exchange for allowing him to chase a couple rings.

Kobe Bryant comes back slowly (for him) in November/December, turns into Jordan45 from January – March and then KobeII from April – playoffs. That means he’s holding steady at 20+/5/4 for his return, and that’s playing it conservative. I truly believe that Kobe will never be less than great – he won’t allow it, he’d leave if he became meager. Most importantly, he buys into the system which means OTHER guys fall in line, and because he’ll essentially be the Coach on the Floor, he’ll finally get to achieve that oft-referred ‘extension of D’Antoni’ that he grew up in Italy dreaming of. . .

Again, I realize it’s a gonzo theory, but could it happen? Somebody talk me off the Laker Ledge here.

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