National Football League, 2013.

fine.i admit it.
i am *somewhat* piqued by the nfl this year.
NOT the jerk players, mind you, and DEFINITELY not the goodell-wishes-he-could-hold-tagilabue’s-jock ‘league’ but the fact that some good football is starting.

i like:
kaepernick. i’ve come around. disliking him soley because of the hat was really petty, even by my standards.
cam. just emailed you separately.
peyton. brady. brees. rodgers.
adrian peterson.
wide receivers with the stickiest gloves in history.
the SEAHAWKS, especially their coach.
the niners, and a west coast renaissance.
players that live and die by madden.
giovani bernard.
fantasy football.
pick ’em leagues.
whatever happens with the jets.
alex smith. seriously.
marshawn lynch.
detroit lions offense finally firing on all cylinders because of
reggie bush.
eli manning. two rings!
raiders drafting jedeveon clowney.
the raiders dropping $49 million off the books heading into 2014.
hgh getting swept under the rug (again)
the super bowl in new york. in the middle of winter.
finding out if andrew luck is for real.
bo jacks- nee, cam newton.
smokin’ jay cutler.
the cowboys being average AGAIN.

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