All-time All-City L.A. Section Baseball (Cal-Hi Sports, Daily News)

Thank you to Erik Boal of the Daily News for replying to my email with this info that was in the Daily News print edition today (but inexplicably not online). Cal-Hi Sports selected the all-time L.A. City Section team. Pretty sweet.

YKI wrote a ‘Local Heroes‘ piece back in 2010 but this (below) is the real deal. L.A. was and still is the hotbed of baseball talent. Awesome lineup.

Catcher – Brian Harper (San Pedro)
Pitcher – Don Drysdale (Van Nuys)
Pitcher – Bret Saberhagen (Cleveland)
Pitcher – Larry Sherry (Fairfax)
First Base – Eddie Murray (Locke)
Infield – Bobby Doerr (Fremont)
Infield – Ozzie Smith (Locke)
Infield – Robin Yount (Taft)
Outfield – Eric Davis (Fremont)
Outfield – Willie Davis (Roosevelt)
Outfield – Darryl Strawberry (Crenshaw)
Designated Hitter – Ryan Braun (Granada Hills)
Closing Pitcher – Rod Beck (Grant)
Manager – Sparky Anderson (Dorsey)

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