Puig, Mattingly, Brawl. Dodgers Win.

First of all, leave it to Gibby to preside over a Yasiel Puig ambush. And leave it to that a Trojan, Ian Kennedy, to take it to another level with said ambush and hit the Cuban in the face.

Kudos goes to none other than Chavez Ravine’s resident toughguy Zack Greinke having balls on top of balls – the man has now sparked the TWO biggest brawls of the year?! Maybe I had him wrong or maybe he’s really mixing good medications. Either way, thank you Jared for live-tweeting me the brawl while I was at the Bjork concert. Sorry, Björk. Guh. I mean, “I love you, wife.”

Either way, awesome awesome awesome of MLB to not pussy out and edit anything, so here is the brawl in its entirety.

A couple observations:
*Puig throws a punch! at 0:34 right before the camera flashes away. He is irate when the camera pans back out, and rightfully so. The man took a fastball to the face.

*Don Mattingly, the MANAGER of the Dodgers, throws Alan Trammell to the ground at 0:44 (top left).

*1:02. Vin Scully, “no sense calling out names. They’re all there.”

*Mark McGwire at 1:22 – 1:32 and 1:38 is so rageful, so angry, so intense (and literally STILL paul bunyon-esque) that his stature as a dodger just jumped about seven levels. Literally awesome work, McG. You might not be able to coach hitting but you sure have forearms like the Ultimate Warrior.

*Mattingly, back at it at 1:33, right in Kirk Gibson’s face.

*Juan Uribe, the most underrated Dodger (i know i know his 2012 was abysmal but the guy loves the game and loves being a Dodger. Plus he just hacks so recklessly and violently that even though he K’s like a quarter of the time he’s fun to watch. Plus when he gets hot, he goes yard like five times in a week) wild-eyed, charging and looking for any target to smash. Great brawlplayer. Check 0:23 – 0:33 for highlights.

*Don Baylor and Josh Beckett (?!!?) in the middle at 2:00. Yeah, Josh Beckett!!!

*Uribe, again out of nowhere in the middle 2:20, right before Puig, still angry, starts jawing again.

*Puig’s solo walk at 2:58, very poignant and great camera work. Ejected, battered & (literally) bruised – but not defeated – retires to his corner.

*Great shot of some 80’s/90’s stars now in their 50’s at 3:30. Charles Nagy with Gibby, as Baylor and Trammel join the discussion.

*Dodger crowd at 3:45, showing some great energy and appreciation for what was witnessed.

*4:51 (replay) Vin notices Miguel Montero eyeballs Greinke up & down when he steps into the box “not that that means anything” Uh huh.

*5:30 (replay) Really good and apt shot of Belisario (Blow-a-Savio) flailing and ending up on one knee against, well, nobody. Pretty indicative of his year thus far.

*6:05 (replay) in what looks like a shot out of American Me, Turner Ward up against the camera (and over the railing) as he gets pounded.

*6:38 (replay) real closeup shot of McGwire, in which Vin says “boy McGwire is really dangerous, he’s so angry.”

Angry enough to even coach some hitters, starting with Federowicz, who walloped the game-winning double. But in baseball, tomorrow is another day and momentum is only as strong as your starting pitcher. Hyun-Jin Ryu has been throwing well, but he’s going against an undefeated Patrick Corbin. We’ll see if this was indeed the brawl that started it all for the Boys in Blue.

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