Beat Street Beginnings

well, hopefully this video doesn’t get taken down:

yeah, beat street (king of the beat), featuring mel, flash and the furious five in their coked-out 80’s best.
why post this corny-hooked yet lyrically competent track randomly? because i was thinking about my first. the first hip hop/rap song that ever resonated with me. i remember vividly being in washington d.c. at the l’enfant hotel (paid for by the state of california per my pops’ expense account as a computer audit specialist), where my parents allowed me to buy two cassette tapes during our trip in 1986:
Run DMC, Raising Hell
Beat Street, Vol. I
I bought the first because the track ‘You Be Illin” had somehow crossed my eight-year old radar. Beat Street? To this day, I have no idea why I picked that lavender-hued soundtrack to a movie I’d never heard of, much less seen.
Regardless, I still bump a random Run DMC album in tribute bi-annually, including, but none of their material really defined my life. That said, this Grandmaster track, this ‘classic’ hip hop sound, this cliched rhyme scheme, this ‘raise your hands in the air’ call & respond somehow was the FIRST track that literally put me on to hip hop. The scratch to the break to the authoritative rhyme style. . .damn, man. It still hits me. All seven minutes. . .enjoy.


Beat Street Breakdown, Raah!

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