The Kobe Death Stare: RIP for Mike Brown?

I was shocked – though not surprised – about the Mike Brown firing. I anticipated they’d give him a quarter season (call it 20 games), and frankly by that point I think he’d have them at .500. Ready to play as a team, figure out this Princeton-disciple offense and subsequently have a great second half. Either way, they’d be ‘just fine’ for the Playoffs. Though seemingly minute, I guess the Kobe ‘Death Stare’ issue last night was the final straw:

It’s a shame Brown was shown the door this soon, but they have ONE year to win this thing, and I don’t think Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak make this decision without having a commitment from a Coach. I certainly don’t think Bernie Bickerstaff or Chuck Person is the guy this team needs as its outright leader; Bickerstaff is a has-been and Person is too green, despite his Rifleman reputation as a player.

Could it be Phil Jackson? Again, if you pay a man $15 million for six months, it’s pretty hard for that man to say “no thanks.” Plus, this might be the only person that can properly channel Dwight Howard’s playfulness and propensity to choose his motivations into a championship basketball player. We know he’d let Kobe do what he needs to do, but can you install the Triangle at this point? Is Jackson married to that offense?

Perhaps it’s Jerry Sloan or Mike D’Antoni, but there is somebody that the Lakers have ready to step in and Lead. Now.


  1. Kiddp

    You shoulda stuck with my “This is the moment Mike Brown got fired” headline, but nice little editorial there.

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