beckett comes to you, and other sad tales of collecting

So yeah, I’m literally going to meet this Beckett (that Beckett) sales rep tomorrow. Right by you & ya folks’ old stomps at ‘Sweet Deal’ in Northridge. . .more seriously, I am house-sitting for my parents in North Hills and taking this opportunity to clean out their attic (eg, my stuff), and was flabbergasted at the fortuitous timing:

for now i can see the real value of the fortune i amassed from Bruce Dinowitz when I was a youth!
Realistically, I know 99% of my collection is garbage, but in my rose/resin-stained memory, I still�had a wonderful cache of awesomeness. . . I head into my folks’ attic with stars in my eyes. . .and Pat Listach in my hands.�
Chad Curtis.
Edgar Martinez.
Cliff Floyd.
Rondell White.�
(wait a second – are those last two the same guy?)
Either way – those are the ‘semistars,’ if you will. How about a superstar like Maddux? Oh – you like his ’92 Fleer, do ya? Here, have 11 of ’em.
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Albert Belle?
Tim Salmon?
I know you fellas feel me on this, but it made me so sad/pathetic feeling. I enjoyed the time – and the ‘investment,’ as it were – as ‘collecting’ was genuinely my favorite hobby. . .but to see how worthless it’s all become, my GOODNESS.

I mean the classic sets – Fleer Flair, Stadium Club, anybody remember when ’91 O-Pee-Chee “Premier” was a glossy, supposedly limited print and they were selling north of $2.50/pack, outpricing even Upper Deck?!!? Yeah, I found an ‘album’ of that slop, laid in the nine-card pages perfectly, numerical order$(KGrHqUOKjcE3J+K0e7!BNzsVTGDEw~~_35.JPG
You know who’s the most ‘valuable’ card in this set, assuming one human on earth that wanted it didn’t already have 42?!?! Cal RIPKIN, yes “RIPKIN.” And how much is he “worth” – $1.50, along with Nolan Ryan.

How about some 1995 Leaf? That was actually an aesthetically nice set, and it seemed to have some superstars. Some superstars, you say? That’s nice – must be a real treasure trove there. Let’s check:

1995 Leaf Baseball Cards & Checklist


1995 Leaf Cal Ripken�card number 134

  • COMPLETE SET�-��$12.50

Key Cards:

  • 134 – Cal Ripken
  • 240 – Mark McGwire
  • 267 – Hideo Nomo RC
  • 279 – Barry Bonds
  • 303 – Don Mattingly
  • 313 – Alex Rodriguez

That’s right, Cal! Go on with your bad self. You’re really outpacing Hideo Nomo, who incidentally ranks #413 among PITCHERS all-time on the baseball reference ‘Elo-Rater.’

Of course you have Jeter, you have A-Rod. . .and that’s about it. . .in short, I spent well over $5k ($10k? more??) collecting and have about $500 of sell-worthy cards. Hell yeah.

At least we’ll always have this:

which you can always buy for $14.95, GRADED, on ebay.


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