It Takes a Giant Man. . .and some Giants Fans

Kudos not only to the classy Matt Cain, but the wonderful fans of Pac Bell – nee, AT&T Park – in San Francisco last night.

After Matt Cain’s truly enthusiastic, humble, charmingly bewildered reaction to his own Perfect Game, the packed house by the Bay was filled with appreciative supports, who remained well past the last pitch. With nary an empty seat in the house, the most beautiful stadium in baseball was filled with raucous Giants diehards.

It was honestly an incredible moment as Cain held is breath as third baseman Joaquin Arias backpeddled on a hard-hit ball from Astros local Jason Castro, only to deftly field and fire a bullet to first baseman Brandon Belt. Belt astutely pocketed the ball and the celebration ensued.
Even as a Dodgers fan, this was an indelible moment on the baseball landscape. Continuing the renormalization of baseball in the post-PED era, the second perfect game this season (and fourth in two years, NOT including the Galarraga/Joyce incident) showed yet again that baseball is best at its purest.

Congratulations Matt Cain, and kudos to the San Francisco Giants and their wonderful fans.


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