Do Swans Tweet?

A Swan Song for the Lakers, as captured in post-game Tweets after last night’s disappointing (expected?) loss:

@icecube Note to the Lakers owners: Put a real team around Kobe or
start charging D-League prices. Bynums effort alone deserves a rebate.

Kobe’s thought process? “I’m not going anywhere. I’m not willing to work
Inside-Out even though it’s best for everyone. I’m never aging. Fuck

RIP Mike Brown’s Laker coaching career: 2011-2012.

@espnchrispalmer Kobe 42 points Zero assists

@espnstatsinfo Lakers bench was outscored by 87 pts in 5 gms.

@kevinding Pau Gasol again said he doesn’t want to be traded, but
added: “I don’t know if that’s mutual.”

@MagicJohnson Tough for the @Lakers not to be the best in the west
anymore. Where do they go from here?

@ESPNChrisPalmer The Lakers will pay Kobe Bryant $58,302,000 over the
next two seasons.

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