Game Seven.

damn, George Karl can coach. . .he gets his guys to reflect his style more than anybody working a sideline today. . .and if Aaron Afflalo isn’t the consummate Karl guy, I don’t know who is; energy, intelligence, grittiness & a gamer. . .Go Bruins. . .and kudos to my man Lance, he’s been hollering Kenneth Faried since that tourney run at Morehead State. . .and obviously the man of the night, Ty Lawson was O My, Awesome, if you’re into rhyming or otherwise. . .

speaking of rhymes, he was really messin’ with Sessions, as Ramon looked Run-on, or better yet Run Over, reminiscent of a dead fish. . .more like RIP to D-Fish and good luck in the Western Conference Finals & beyond. . .there simply was no upgrade at PG, and as a result our defense has been rated R, as in Run for your Lives. . .but not trying to be a downer, we know Pau Gasol sure wasn’t getting anything down last night. . 1-for-10 shooting? sounds like Dick Cheney at a firing range. . .I’m sure Kobe was ready to fire EVERYBODY last night, especially Mike Brown. . .my goodness that man can not coach, at least not in the head coaching sense. . .it’s been said time & time again, but to consistently have no answer for the same basketriddles time and time again, WAKE UP or get another job. . .

which is exactly what Andrew Bynum needs to do, because he is currently doing a disservice to his current vocation. . .embarrassment isn’t quite the right term, but let’s just say that MDE, the Big Aristotle, the Man You All Love to Hate, Shaquille O’Neal, would have the Lakers at home resting comfortably getting ready to thrash the Thunder. . .instead, Bynum is still looking for that Staples guys – that was easy – to help him close-out this series. . .seriously, man – show some intensity. . .heart. . .effort. . .desire. . .motivation. . .caring? I’m really sick of watching AB play like a ‘C’ player when it counts most. . .at least Matt Barnes showed up last night, though. . .just needed a metal folding chair to really have an impact, though. . .

at least Metta World Artest is back, right, Laker fans? there’s some spin that they lost intentionally to get him back and fresh for the OKC series. . .that’s horsebleep, frankly. . also i’m hearing that last night’s game was just an absolute aberration, even as it appears the Nuggets are playing with more confidence each minute. . .

with all this said, the Lakers take Game 7. . . it’s in their post-Magic blood, they never make it easy. . .Kobe is Kobe. . .their championship days are over, but they’re not going out like this. . .Kobe leads the way, Bynum has his one-in-every-three good game and Laker fans put their car flags back up at full mast. . .until D-Fish gets his revenge, folks. FISHYRIM!


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