Questions/Thoughts to Ponder, Laker fans

1) Matt Barnes playing like a man possessed. . .reminds me of the Barnes that once smashed a teammate with a metal folding chair, WWE-style . like his toughness (even though after all these years, I still think it’s somehow an act, eg the neck tattoo)

barnes then barnes now

2) Metta World Peace displaying the form from his Pacers/Rockets/Kings days. I’m loving that – talk about real heart; this guy is truly a ballplayer right now and the Lakers feed off of him. Interesting that he’s playing a leadership role, however. . .post-Fish, it’s sorely needed, but will the looney Ron-Ron rear his ugly head at the wrong time during Playoffs? Hopefully not. . .

3) Gasol silent & effective. Typical Pau. Just get the job done, act slightly bitchy, really annoy people (even his own fans) but send everybody home happy and a winner. He’s so likeable, but does he really need to be whiney and so. . .Euro all the time? It’s great in the sense of being intelligent & cultured, but not great for the NBA.

4) Bynum. Always comes down to Bynum. Here he is, playing rock-solid on D, playing through illness (?!?) and taking boards like a monster, but his shooting has been woeful and he always seems about one scolding away from just walking off the court and away from the Lakers forever. . .

5) Lakers 4-1 in Kobe’s absence. Interesting times, indeed. He IS the Lakers, but what does this say about the squad, especially winning four in a row against solid teams? Does he actually detract from chemistry/momentum when he comes back? What’s your take, Laker fans?


  1. AK

    How long does Mattingly stick with Loney?. You can’t continue to get “nothing” out of 1st base. I can see Rivera playing more at 1st allowing Mattingly to get another bat to play the OF.

  2. spencer

    It’s early, but to get out to a start like this is huge. 162 games is ridiculously long, so I am sure they will have a slump where they go 3-7 over 10, but the team is playing with confidence, the fans are back into it, and guys like Gordon, rivera, etc are picking up some nice slack. Gnats look like shit, Dbags haven’t turned it on yet, so I see no reason to believe that the West isn’t the Dodgers to win, even this early.

  3. brad

    Years past the pirates and friars have given the boys a rough go..good to see a fantastic start. Surprised no mentions of loney as he is the key to everything

    Also Todd coffeys a piece of shit, I hope he gets shelled everytime he pitches

  4. Lefty

    1) Barnes is playing well because he has playing time. He has complained multiple times and his performance has been bad when he has gotten it.

    2) 2 things with Metta. He claims that he has had back problems and is now finally getting over it. I think it’s because he has a greenlight to do whatever while kobe is out.

    3)Gasol is one of the most consistent players to play the game.

    4) Played better in the 2nd half

    5) We are a better team with Kobe. Shut him down until playoffs. Gotta give Kobe some love for being at the la kings games last night. There was an akward moment when they put him on the kiss cam and he had his daughter with him. Espicially since we all know the issues he is facing at home.

    Go Kings Go!

  5. Juice

    It is great to see the team playing this way without Kobe. I love having Barnes and Metta in at the same time….there is such defensive intensity. I also am not a Mike Brown fan, but I love that he put Metta on Delonte West and Chris Paul….both gutsy calls and Metta delivered. Yesterday, West was breaking down everyone in the first half, and then when Metta went on him, while he never stole the ball, he poked it out like 5 times. It got West off his game a bit and cooled down his quick start.

    As far as the team, we are definitely better with Kobe, but I wish he would play with the construct of the team rather than requiring the team to play within his construct. He is an amazing player, and I think with a lineup of Bynum, Gasol, Kobe, Metta and Barnes, we could match up solidly against any team defensively. I also think that not having Kobe has really helped the team to gain confidence. Everyone looks better and more fluid out there. We are really surging to end the season strong. I predict 4-2 to close out the last 6 games, with a loss to OKC and SAN, and Kobe coming back for his first game against OKC. But, I think that will be enough to take home 1st in the Pacific.

    PS-Metta looks really lean out there, has he lost some weight.

  6. elvis

    1. Soft spot for Barnes given the Sacramento ties and the fact that he was the only true baller at Ucla my senior year…scappy hustle and scoring perfect bench player

    2. M dubb P…Didn’t this guy almost lead the Rockets past the lakers a couple years ago? Glad to see the Artest formerly known as….

    3. Can’t wait to see Pau match up with Bosh in a 7 game soft-off on the finals! That said with Bynums arrival Pau is THEE perfect fit.

    4. A little crazy never hurt anyone…
    Stay health stay engaged and we’ll be flipping cop cars and burning busses in a couple months downtown

    5. We win without kobe for the same reason the bulls win without rose and the heat win without wade…we have lots of good players! No way kobe waists another opportunity to catch MJ, he’ll male it work. Especially after this stint as assistant coach.

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