The Real Magician.

Apparently, I’m not as excited as most Dodger fans regarding the landmark McCourt sale to Earvin Johnson & the Kasten-Guggenheim Group.
While I do feel that this change in ownership is necessary, and I certainly believe that this is the right ‘team’ to lead the organization for the next decade+, I’m a bit offput at both the $2 BILLION price tag. As of yesterday, the projected sale price was a robust $1.5 billion, though perhaps Time Magazine was a bit more optimistic, calling the $1.5 billion projection a ‘bargain.’ That latter conjecture turned out to be true, and while the Guggenheim team has $125 billion in assets, I don’t see how you outbid somebody by half a billion dollars. . .

That’s not my main gripe, however. The fact that McCourt still is a partner in a “land venture” in the surrounding Chavez Ravine area. Though he won’t be an organizational decision-maker so that should be sufficient reason to back the Dodger news whole-heartedly, but my enthusiasm is definitely dampened. The main reason I cut back on tickets & attendance (personally) for the past two years was due to McCourt personally. The fallout from the divorce & proceedings led to a subpar experience at Dodger Stadium and Frank-ly, the team was inferior due to the shoestring budget of ownership.
New ownership – especially by one of L.A.’s most beloved icons – is definitely an enticement to head back to ballgames & the Stadium, but as Vin Scully’s years wane, the pull to stay home and “get back to this one” on the TV may outweigh the fact that McCourt will still be getting my money. Furthermore, the unplanned-as-of-yet land venture will undoubtedly be a profit machine, adding to McCourts magical coffers. . .with my hard-earned money. I’m dubious.

Though it is definitely a ‘fresh start’ and celebratory moment at the Ravine, I’ll feel better if Magic can really occur, and somehow Earvin Johnson can make McCourt disappear for good.

Until then, it’s TIME for Dodger baseball. . .


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  2. james conetta


    JIMMY C.

  3. spencer

    Ecstatic that McCourt is “gone”, but pretty upset that he totally got his way. $2 Billion is an ungodly amount to pay for any team, save maybe the Cowboys, Man U, or Yankees. Will this group even have money to spend on the players? Add to the fact that McCourt still has an interest in the land. That guy is seriously fucking scum. But at least he is not the owner anymore.

  4. Hig

    So very well said. This article should be filed under ‘poetry’. I couldn’t agree more about McCourt’s involvement dampening my spirits. I was initially very excited about Magic (and group) buying the team…but then the details started seeping out, and I realized that Franky Boy had managed to keep his dirty claws in the deal. As for the price paid for the team; I did read some speculation that the Dodgers TV deal that is up for renegotiation next year could be worth $4B to the new owners. That being said, it would be truly Magical if they could find a way to extract McCourt from the Dodgers and the City of Los Angeles once and for all. Either way, I can’t imagine a better ‘point man’ for the Dodger organization than Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson…a businessman extraordinaire and a true LA legend.

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