Dirty Secret about the Lakers

Thanks to my man Parker for prompting the thought on this. . .the Lakers haven’t drafted well in 15 years+.
Aside from the still inconclusive Bynum pick (until he shows heart for 82 + playoffs). . .Jordan Farmar was the last player of ‘note,’ and he’s in obscurity (Jersey) now. This CENTURY, in fact, they’ve produced only Luke Walton and Ronny Turiaf, neither of whom is considered even near-impact. . .prior to that you have to go back to 1996 to find DFish, who probably would be coaching by now if he didn’t have Kobe to sidekick with. . .Thus, the back-to-back ’93-’94 selections of Nick Van Exel & Eddie Jones were the last times they literally drafted good players. Wow. How DOES this franchise work it’s MAGIC?

Draft Round Pick
Nationality Position College/High School/Club
1993 2 37 Nick Van Exel United States PG Cincinnati
1994 1 10 Eddie Jones United States SG Temple
1995 2 37
Frankie King
United States PG Western Carolina
1996 1 24
Derek Fisher
United States PG Arkansas–Little Rock
1997 2 51 DeJuan Wheat United States PG Louisville
1997 2 54 Paul Rogers (from New York)[n] Australia C Gonzaga
1998 1 26
Sam Jacobson
United States SG/SF Minnesota
1998 2 31
Ruben Patterson (from Vancouver)[o]
United States SF Cincinnati
1998 2 45 Toby Bailey (traded to Phoenix)[p] United States SG UCLA
1999 1 23 Devean George United States SF Augsburg
1999 2 30
John Celestand (from Vancouver)[o]
United States SG Villanova
2000 1 29
Mark Madsen
United States PF/C Stanford
2002 1 27 Chris Jefferies (traded to Toronto)[q] United States SF Fresno State
2003 1 24 Brian Cook United States PF Illinois
2003 2 32
Luke Walton
United States SF Arizona
2004 1 27
Sasha Vujačić
Slovenia G Pallalcesto Amatori Udine (Italy)
2004 2 56 Marcus Douthit United States PF/C Providence
2005 1 10 Andrew Bynum United States C St. Joseph HS (New Jersey)
2005 2 37
Ronny Turiaf (from New York via Atlanta and Charlotte)[r]
France PF/C Gonzaga
2005 2 39
Von Wafer
United States G Florida State
2006 1 26 Jordan Farmar (from Miami)[s] United States PG UCLA
2006 2 51 Cheikh Samb (traded to Detroit)[t] Senegal C WTC Cornellà (Spain, 2nd division)
2007 1 19
Javaris Crittenton
United States PG Georgia Tech
2007 2 40
Sun Yue (from Charlotte)[u]
China PG Beijing Olympians (ABA)
2008 2 58 Joe Crawford United States SG Kentucky
2009 1 29 Toney Douglas (traded to New York)[v] United States G Florida State
2009 2 42
Patrick Beverley (from Charlotte; traded to Miami)[r][w]
United States G Arkansas
2009 2 59
Chinemelu Elonu
United States PF/C Texas A&M
2010 2 43 Devin Ebanks (from Memphis)[x] United States F West Virginia
2010 2 58 Derrick Caracter United States PF/C UTEP
2011 2 41
Darius Morris (from Golden State Warriors via New Jersey Nets)[y]
United States PG Michigan (So.)
2011 2 46
Andrew Goudelock (from New York Knicks)[v]
United States SG College of Charleston (Sr.)
2011 2 56 Chukwudiebere Maduabum (traded to Denver Nuggets)[z] Nigeria SF Bakersfield Jam (D-League)
2011 2 58 Ater Majok (from Miami Heat)[w] Australia C Gold Coast Blaze (Australia)

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