thank you, cacao (below) for featuring trucha on this week’s menu. irene & i enjoyed trucha three different times on our vacay; in ceviche, broiled in banana leaf and in a mousse.

when we first saw trucha on the menu at las brujas de caciche, I googled it. it’s the national fish of peru. it is a landlocked fish high in omega-3’s and very similar to it’s cousin. . .the SALMON. In fact, trout is salmon that became landlocked through generations of closing deltas, drying riverbeds, changing courses of streams. we know trucha as TROUT.

my pops used to take me fishing a few times/year as a kid; juno lake, pyramid lake, lake tahoe (for fishing!), lake crowley, even troutdale. . .always for trout. trout was the most memorable fish of my youth. my mom, she of the antipathy for food of all types nowadays, would make the trout we’d catch, and she cooked it pretty damn well; baked, broiled, even pan fried. my pops would often grill the flaky, fatty fish, and I remember the bones. . .the bones of this damn fish were so ubiquitous that it would turn into sniping at the dinner table while mini piles of fish skeleton would form on the side of each of our plates.

when i was about 13, we weaned ourselves off of trout – salmon was becoming the fish du jour at local valley supermarkets and was a more burly, easier fileted version of the same fish. conversely, trout was rarely featured on local menus and thus became nearly eliminated from the Lovett diets, only rarely to be seen again. . .until we reached peru.

so thank you, cacao, for bringing it back to L.A., and reminding me yet again that you can eat local and rediscover old favorites.

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 7:00 AM, CaCao Mexicatessen <andrewlujan> wrote:

CaCao Mexicatessen
Weekly Menu Specials

Fresh Skin on Trout Filet filled with Cipollini Onion,
Lemon & Cilantro. Topped with a Garlicky Valle de
Guadalupe Olive Oil & Vino Blanco. All topped with
Chives. Side of Cilantro Lime Rice & Cebollitas….$17.50

(2)Street Tacos with Angus Ribeye. Topped with
Cipollini Onions, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Serrano
Chile & Cilantro. Side of Sweet Potato Fries & Bone
Marrow topped with Cilantro Lime Cremolata & San
Felipe Sea Salt…………………………………………$17.95

All New Specials are available starting Wednesday past 5:00pm
(Specials are subject to change, please call to confirm availability)

Taco of the Week

Applewood Smoked Bacon & Braised PorkBelly.
Topped with Tomatilllo Salsa Cruda, Crema, and
Cilantro. On a Handmade Corn Tortilla………………$4.75

Taquiza Catering (On Site Taco Catering)

Taquiza Catering is a Fun, stress free way to host your next event!
All Tacos & Meats are prepared on site & are accompanied by all Taco condiments. Also included in our packages are Handmade Corn Tortillas, Rice, Beans, & your choice of Agua Frescas.(Minimum 50 People) CALL FOR PRICING!!!

Corporate & Office Catering
We can do Small or Large Catering orders for pick – up, drop off &
On Site Catering. See our Full Catering menu at
or call (323) 478-2791
New Weekday

11 A.M. – 5 P.M. Only

Taco Tuesdays………$1.65
Taco Truck Style Tacos
Available with : Carne Asada, Carnitas, Chicken,
Vegetarian: Calabacitas & Nopales *not made with handmade tortilla

Fish Taco

Ensenada Style Fish Tacos
White Fish, Battered & Fried on a Handmade Corn Tortilla.

Taquito Thursdays…..$6.50
Hand Rolled Blue Corn Taquitos Filled with Angus Shredded Beef -or- Chicken Thigh. Comes with a side of Guacamole.
*Not available a la carte. Cannot mix the fillings.

10% Coupon cannot be applied to these Weekday Specials.

10% Off Total Bill
(Food and Drinks Only)
Valid Tues. – Thurs. Only
“Please Read Carefully”
Not valid Fri., Sat. or Sun.
One Coupon Per Month Per Person.
Each Person Must Have Own Coupon.
Must Print and Bring in.
(Does Not Apply to Catering Orders.)
(No Cash Value)
(Coupons or Promotions May Be Voided Without Prior Notice) (323) 478-2791 1576 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041
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Cacao Mexicatessen | 1576 Colorado Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90041

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