Magic Johnson: Detroit Savior?

Sad to see Magic Johnson sell his share in the Lakers yesterday, but at least it was to a diehard (and very wealthy) season-ticket holder (Patrick Shoon-Shiong) that is approved by Doctor Jerry Buss.
Obviously not much will change within the dynamic, proactive and eminently successful organization, but Los Angeles fans will truly miss a part of of our recent history, as Magic might or might not be purchasing the Pistons.

For those that remember his better days with Isiah, which was followed by his well-publicized feud based on Magic’s accusations of Isiah abandoning their friendship post-playing days, this may be an indication of Magic’s desire to:
1) Return Home to where he played high school & college ball
2) Burn Isiah by taking over “his” team
-and- perhaps most importantly
3) Doing to Detroit what he was able to do to Los Angeles, which meant opening movie theatres, Fatburgers, 24-Hour Fitness gyms, and countless other infrastructure improvements that led to actual change and improvement in a woebegone inner-city.

Whatever happens, the City of Los Angeles supports Magic and his future endeavors. We will miss you, and you will always be a Laker.

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