Jim Mora Rips Doug Gottlieb ON-AIR (with Audio)

(thank you Jose Bernstein of Bel-Air for the tip)

With the lackluster & overrated Doug Gottlieb subbing in for the woebegone and past-his-prime-because-he-went-Hollywood Colin Cowherd on ESPNRadio this morning, Jim Mora completely disrespects the fill-in host ON-AIR with such gems as “Is this your first interview? Jesus Christ, what kind of questions are these?” Mora closes with: “You were a real joy, thanks.”

This is incredibly good – here’s the video:


  1. Rick

    I love how people like to rip those more successful, using terms like “lackluster” and “woebegone.”

    I heard the interview live and the only possible conclusion: Jim Mora was in a bad mood before the interview started and didn’t need much provocation to become rude and disrespectful.

    • yallkiltit

      Rick – “more successful” than what? Hilarious comment when you have no clue about YKI’s career nor life. But anyway, it’s quite obvious Mora was in a bad mood; in fact, the initial comment after hearing the interview was, “man he hadto be fighting with his wife before that call.” Still doesn’t detract from the fact that Gottlieb is a lousy interviewer and disrespectful toward all sports that aren’t college basketball – thus making a very “lackluster” show, objectively. As for Colin, the term ‘woebegone’ means “Affected with or marked by deep sorrow, grief, or wretchedness” which exactly demarcates his career trajectory following his divorce. Formerly an energetic, positive, informed host on the way up, there’s no question his (public handling of the) divorce had an adverse affect on his work.

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  4. jamesgarbo

    This was great. I heard this on my drive in today and I was actually worried that nobody would find the audio because ESPN didn’t include it on their site (go figure, must be the same people that made the LeBron ‘decision’ decision with the same integrity). Point is, DG is a f*cking moron and great post!

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