Laker fans, indignant about Shaquille O’Neal’s potential move to the hated Celtics, YKI urges you not to forget about these days:,0.jpg

Soon, his be in the rafters, and the Laker fans memories will be of the

In the meantime, Shaquille – keep smiling, keep laughing, and keep dominating in the middle (albeit on a limited basis), because nobody can stop you when you do play. You’re one of the guys that makes the game fun, and proves that you can have fun and win at the same time.

That said, Kobe and Co. are taking you down in the Finals this year.


  1. brody

    EL – at it again with the Shaq love… FUCK SHAQ! Here are just a few reasons why Laker fans hate Shaq:

    We’re not talking about one comment to Jerry Buss, either. He repeatedly spit in the face of Laker Nation and ultimately broke up the team, just like he did in Orlando.

    Here is the list again:

    With the Lakers, Shaq never played through even the smallest injury. One year, he waited until the week before the season started to decide he would have surgery.

    He made statements like, and I quote, “If I don’t get the ball more I’m not going to play defense”.

    When the Lakers told Shaq he needed to lose weight and get in shape, he said, “I don’t need to lose weight, I’m the Diesel”. He also added, “Just pay me my fucking money”. Then, after they shipped his ass to Miami, the first thing Pat Riley said to Shaq was, “You need to lose weight and get in shape”. Shaq did get in shape this time, and when the press asked him about his weight loss he said, “When the boss tells me to do something, I do it. That’s how I was raised and that’s the type of man I am”. Yea Shaq, that is the type of man you are…a liar and a hypocrite.

    When Kobe’s contract with the Lakers was expiring and the organization was facing the dilemma of how they would be able to afford to pay both Shaq and Kobe, Shaq stepped forward and said, “I want a raise or I won’t play”. He was still under contract, but he didn’t feel he needed to honor that. Worst of all, he put the Lakers in a position where there was no way they could afford to keep both players. When the Lakers made the smart decision to go with Kobe, Shaq lambasted Kobe in the press, saying “He ran me out of town”. (Note: Kobe took the high road the whole time)

    “Like I said, one thing I really hate is a front-runner, and I despise front-runners,” said O’Neal (hmm… and now he wants to play for the celtics)

    Compiled from a great Laker fan… Higbot.

    P.S. Fuck this site!

    • yallkiltit

      Brody – points well-taken and not surprising. YKI’s take is simply that Shaq restored the franchise to the elite status that Dr. Buss craved and strived for in the post-Magic doldrums, with the biggest, widest, most genuine smile in Los Angeles SINCE Magic. Your quotes are from a man that’s never been shy to talk, and while mildly regrettable, they were said in jest/passing/off the cuff. . .and people do evolve. Let it go – he won you three titles, time to celebrate and not demolish the legend that rolled through town in a Diesel.

  2. J

    Well…Fake Laker fan! from the time he left until “tell me how my ass taste” to joining the hated green? I love his personality and I want him to do good…but I want him to go down hard in the Finals

  3. Higbot

    Shaq demolished his own (would-be) legendary status in LA long ago. There isn’t a single REAL Laker fan that has even an ounce of love or respect for Shaq. All the real fans wanted him gone a year or two before he got bounced because, as Brody pointed out, he repeatedly spit in the face of the Laker organization, his teammates and the fans.

    I love it that he signed with the Celtics after calling Stan Van Gundy a ‘front runner’ and exclaiming, “I despise front runners”.

    Did you hear Shaq’s new rap song? Here’s the hook:

    You know how I be
    I’m old and out of shape
    and I’m playin for free

    • yallkiltit

      Higbot. . .respectfully, ‘Real’ Laker fans see the three titles and return to glory and appreciate him thusly. Also, I continue to stand behind the fact that his beaming smile and fun attitude – while still attaining MDE (Most Dominant Ever) status were a complete package we may not see again.

  4. Higbot

    Real Laker fans see the whole picture. You can’t be a Laker fan and a Shaq fan; the two are mutually exclusive. If a guy that used to be your friend shoots and kills your dog, would you forgive him because of all the good times you had? No, you wouldn’t. It’s game over at that point, just like it was game over for Shaq and all the true Laker fans long ago. It’s a sad state of affairs when all it takes to fool some people is a big, phoney grin. Awww, look at Shaq…he’s so cuuuuuuuute.

    On behalf of Laker Nation, I hereby forbid you to make any more comments about real Laker fans – you aren’t one and you don’t know anything about being one.

    PS – when it comes to Shaq, MDE stands for Most Douchiest Ever.

  5. joefaz

    Shaqs no angel but when Kobe was arrested for rape (allegedly) all you Laker/Kobe fans just seem to forget that the first thing Kobe said publicly in his defense was well when Shaq did it he just paid some money to get away with it.

    Now if that ain’t throwing your friend under the bus nothing is, Kobe is what he is. A rat and probably at the least a date rapist.

    What would you do if you were Shaq ? If I was Shaq I would have beat the crap out of the beady eyed rat, and left the team. Kobe get’s the team pay’s of the rape charge and the luckiest thing of all is that Shaq left the Lakers before breaking Kobe’s arms.

  6. Countthechips

    You can be a Laker fan and a Shaq fan. When Horry and Fish came back after leaving they were greated with respect. Didn’t the Angels give Vladdy a standing ovation when he came into town? I remember the Dodgers giving Steve Garvey a standing O when he came back as a Padre.

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