Dodgers Acquire Mark Grudzielanek, Randy Wolf
With ongoing uncertainty about adding payroll, a minor league stock of prospects hovering at the lower levels (thus negating trade value), and the trade winds hurricane-ing around him, Ned Colletti managed to make another Houdini-esque deal. Escaping the wrath of media throngs, bloggers and interested naysayers, Colletti not only manged to acquire  Randy Wolf err, Ted Lilly –  in a trade, but “The Riot” as well, as in Mark Grudzielanek – err, Ryan Theriot – as well.

The pickups came at little expense; the scruffy, hustling, endearing – and ultimately underwhelming offensively – Blake DeWitt, as well as Tim Wallach‘s son, Brett and Kyle Smit. That said, they’ll help the Dodgers stay competitive, but neither player is that final piece in what is quickly becoming more and more of a dismal season.

Kudos to Colletti, though, for picking up cash – $2.5 million. Somehow he keeps that Magician’s Toolbox close at hand, adding to the proverbial war chest while picking up serviceable ballplayers. . .


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