Matt Barnes, Kobe’s Folding Chair Girlfriend

Good to see Matt Barnes coming back to Los Angeles, apparently courted by Kobe Bryant to the extent that the two “were like boyfriend and girlfriend for the last two weeks, texting back-and-forth, talking and all that” – as per the Tony Bruno Show on 570am/KLAC radio in Los Angeles last night.<–Kobe. . .you know that’s not Matt Barnes right?

However, ardent UCLA hoops fans will recollect the Rico Hines Metal Folding Chair Incident, during which:

Hines and Barnes began taunting one another and arguing during one of the pickup games played among UCLA players. . . that escalated into punches being thrown between the two before the brief scuffle was broken up by teammates. . .Moments later, as the game was about to resume, Hines picked up a chair near the court and struck Barnes on the head — stitches were needed to close the wound — before he could be restrained and led away by teammates.<—Matt Barnes, circa 2001. Would you hit him with a metal folding chair?


  1. Lance

    Awesome refs!!!! I rememer during the freshman summer program when Rico practiced for 4 hours and then on the hike back to the dorms ran into and nice young coed by the track who we nicknamed ‘Legs” and at her request ran 5 miles just to impress/talk to her. Ahhhh the good ol’ days…

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