Billingsley: Ace?

YKI was discussing the 2010 Laissez-faire Dodgers with The Count last night during Billingsley’s workmanlike shutout of the Giants. In this outlandishly lackluster season, the annual topic of Is Chad Billingsley an Ace Yet arose. . .and while it was pleasing to see the final result, Chad’s quotes after the game displayed yet again why his talent belies the fact that he really never can be a genuine Ace. The always reticient Bills, when asked if he changed anything mechanically, replied, “Same mentality.”

Nothing wrong with a consistent approach, but an Ace needs to have fire, an Ace needs to say something like “the bullpen is tired. I knew I was going to need to give seven, eight, or all nine. I wanted to compete and give these guys a night off. I haven’t been pitching like I should, and it’s time to step it up.”

As YKI has noted consistently, it’s the lack of a killer instinct that keeps Billingsley from really dominating hitters game after game after game. . .
That said, maybe this is the game Chad needed to figure it out. Maybe this pitcher that relies so much on confidence has a performance he can recollect when he’s grinding in August. Maybe he’s going to rediscover the fact that his stuff makes him an Ace, and he needs the mentality to match.

Or maybe we’ll just keep having this conversation. . .



  1. BuFFaLoVe

    The BILLS headline tricked me. Thought u were talking Buffalo Bills football. darn. Ok this Dodger team is reminding me of another Dodger squad of young guns that could not put it together. The mid 90’s Blue Crew. When the stadiums only advertisement was the Coca cola and 76 sign on top of the scoreboards.
    Martin = Piazza
    Loney = Karros
    Eithier = Mondesi
    Kemp = Hollandsworth
    Billingsley = Nomo
    Kershaw = Dreifort

    -Think Red Instead

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