Local Heroes (Baseball)

Thanks to inspiration from the L.A. Times wonderfully regional Local Heroes article today, I have put together my “all-time, All-Southland” team – based strictly on players that I’ve played with or against.

RHP – Jon Garland (Granada Hills Kennedy) John Ennis (North Hills Monroe HS) , Wayne Nix (Monroe HS), Joel Zamudio (Monroe HS), Kameron Loe (Granada Hills HS), Jack Cassel (Granada Hills Kennedy HS)
LHP – Randy Wolf (El Camino Real HS), Andrew Silver (Van Nuys HS)
C – Kevin Serr (Kennedy HS), David Lusk (Monroe/Kennedy), Ed Jung (North Hills Los Angeles Baptist)
1B – Brad Fullmer (Van Nuys Montclair Prep), Conor Jackson (El Camino Real HS)
2B – Junior Brignac (Cleveland HS), Ismael Rangsiyawong (North Hollywood HS)
3B – John Wilson (Los Angeles Baptist), Kevin Howard (Westlake HS)
SS – Mike Moustakas (Chatsworth HS), Freddy Sanchez (Burbank HS)
OF – Bill Scott (Alemany HS), Darrell Dent (Montclair Prep), Terrmel Sledge (Kennedy HS), Jim Landress (Cleveland HS)
DH – Tim Arroyo (Kennedy), Gabe Crecion (Chaminade)
Coach – Manny Alvarado (Kennedy), Kevin Campbell (Monroe HS), Matt LaCour (El Camino), Mike Maio (Chatsworth)


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