Album of the Week: Mos Def – The Ecstatic

Conceptually designed as a Euro-only press, this album showcases Mos’s career path from true Brooklyn eMCee to ‘face of the underground’ to ‘a bit Hollywood’ to experimental singing & rock n’ roll. That said, instead of being disjointed, this album comes together magically. Released in 2009 on the independent label Downtown Records, Mos reaffirms his almost mythical status as acceptable underground/crossover with Quiet Dog Bite Hard, a rough, rock-influenced track in addition to the near-miraculous Life In Marvelous Times. Though guest appearances have been known to ruin hip hop albums, Auditorium (Slick Rick) and the 9th Wonder-produced History with Talib Kweli both provide excellent complements to Mos on the appearances.

Peep the album – it’s wonderful, and a true Hip Hop Classic.

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