Stormin’ Omaha UCLA Baseball

Kudos to the UCLA Daily Bruin for another great story on the youth-laden UCLA baseball team’s continued success in the College World Series.

Gerrit Cole, relegated to 2nd starter status on the big stage, performed like the first-rounder he was coming out of high school, pitching one-hit ball through seven innings, leading the Bruins to a 6-3 victory over the TCU Horned Frogs.,Gerrit%20-%20web.jpg

Cole followed in the footsteps of fellow sophomore Trevor Bauer, who dominated the Florida Gators en route to an 11-3 victory in the opening game.

The scary thing? That both of these pitchers are sophomores, and will return for another run next year. Makes the loss of Sunday & Tuesday starters Rob Rasmussen & Garett Claypool more palatable.
The championship game in the Winner’s Bracket is Friday, where Bauer is expected to throw again versus the winner of Florida St. vs. TCU to advance to the championship game.

A championship would be a first for the storied UCLA Baseball program, especially in the nostalgic final season of Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha:



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