Andre Ethier: Triple Crown?

Andre Ethier did it AGAIN last night, walking-off this time with a grand slam versus the Brewers. As YKI peruses the NL leaderboard, something stands out – Andre Ethier is leading the NL in all of the Triple Crown categories.  A bit premature to project, but after his Silver Slugger (and league-leading 8 walk-off hits) in 2009, Andre Ethier may very well be the best offensive producer on the Dodgers.

(Moneyballers delight in .OPS, VORP & Zone Rating, but the fact is baseball has been defined throughout eras by its leaders in the tangible categories, those non-esoteric yet crucial & weighty determinants of a batters’ effectiveness.)

National League

1. A Ethier LA .371
2. R Braun MIL .360
3. J Werth PHI .354
4. D Freese STL .348
5. R Theriot CHC .341
Complete Avg  Leaders

1. A Ethier LA 10
2. K Johnson ARI 10
3. M Reynolds ARI 9
4. J Heyward ATL 8
5. C Utley PHI 8
Complete HR Leaders

1. A Ethier LA 30
2. J Heyward ATL 26
3. J Cantu FLA 25
4. A Pujols STL 25
5. M Reynolds ARI 25


  1. insomniacslounge

    You might want to go w/ a site that updates their statistics quicker than the very sluggish sportsline, as Ethier was hitting .371/10/30 in the triple crown categories at the time of your posting.

  2. Countthechips

    The dog days of summer have a way of making a ball player humble. He certainly has the ability. I will be rooting for him.

  3. james conetta

    I would love to see him win the triple
    crown, even though the odds are stacked
    against him. Finally, I would like to see him
    win it and then sign a large contract with
    someone other than the Dodgers – a slap
    in the face to McCourt our illustrious owner.

    jimmy c.

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