Goodnight, Lakers. Even Kobe Can’t Save You Now.

As YKI stated months ago, the Lakers do not possess the hunger, passion or drive to repeat as Champions this year. It’s not a case of being dramatic, it’s just factual. Second loss to Oklahoma City? Saw it coming. Loss prior to the Finals? Guaranteed.

In this Laker-flag-car-driving town of fake fans, Facebook messages stating I’m going to take a nap, when I wake up I hope the Lakers will have won! & blank stares upon mentions of the name Sedale Threatt and Terry Teagle, it is fitting that the denizens of the city are worked up for naught. The Lakers will lose to the Thunder/Jazz/Nuggets/Spurs/Blazers/Suns/take your pick and nobody will lose sleep, not even the Lakers. And therein lies the problem.

It’s not just Andrew Bynum’s inconsistency or even Pau Gasol’s Euro-softness;

the Lakers have long dealt with Lamar Odom’s bi-weekly disappearing act and are accustomed to Ron Artest not understanding the triangle,

as well as the bench lacking the Mob Mentality of seasons yore; Derek Fisher has looked old for years

and Phil Jackson is ready to leave. Through it all, though, they really could win if. . .,%20phil%20jackson.jpg

a certain Black Mamba, Number 24, the Angeles Assassin was firing on all cylinders,

which he clearly is not. For all of his invincible brilliance throughout his career, Kobe’s ability to withstand pain & conquer obstacles has been beyond Jordanesque, playing through injuries, criminal charges, and unparalleled media access/coverage. The past few years have been year-round ballplaying for Mr. Bryant, from the Worlds to the Olympics to repeated NBA Finals.

It seems as this season is the first time that he’s willing to accept less than perfection. As unbreakable as he is in mind & spirit, it’s his body that is telling him to shut it down. Now by no means is Kobe trying – or even wanting – to lose, but it’s apparent that a premature conclusion to the 2009-2010 season would have long-term benefit. Now in his 13th year – meaning his body is 35 years old in Basketball Years – it’s simply been through too much in too short of time to recover properly.

In short, Kobe can not single-handedly will the Lakers through their litany of on-court issues and off-court lack of focus. Prepare for that, Laker fans, and take those darn flags down – they make us all look bad.



  1. james conetta


    JIMMY C.

  2. AngryFan!

    Hey Mr. Yallkiltit, why are you such a Laker hater? You sound like Bill Simmons with your consistent blanket “Fake Laker fans” statement. Laker fans are on par with east coast sport fans. Who cares about the casual fan…every town has these; just go travel and see for yourself (re: Modern day Red Sox fans). Now, I do agree with your assessment of the Laker team…but certainly not the fans.

  3. Jimmy B.

    Great article…I hope they somehow find a way to fight!, but I agree with the a…they need a coming to Jesus moment…maybe OKC will take them to 7 and they’ll wake up and be like WTF? And then crush the remainder of the way…I guess that’s a tru lakers fans pipe dream…

    If you’re not a Lakers fan, spare the comments cuz they will be as they always are -> predictable.

  4. Lakers4Life

    I have been a die hard laker fan since I was about 7 and the end of this season and the playoffs so far have been very frustrating. I agree that they do not look as hungry. Kobe is doing his best, but his body is def breaking down and his finger is jacked. he should have gotten it fixed earlier this year. the thunder are just making them look old. but i believe in phil and kobe. they will get it done and prove everyone wrong.

    if we arent able to pull it off, we will def need to make some changes next year…get a better and younger point guard and another athletic player similar to westbrook. if they do lose this year it will be good for them because it will give Kobe that hunger to prove everyone wrong again. im def not seeing that sense of urgency right now…but go lakers!!

  5. FakerFan

    I think the only mind games PJ played was on the Lakers’ fans. He will be gone next year because his team doesn’t listen to him. LA is obsessed with the refs while PJ is sneaking out of the back door. Same with Kobe he just stole $30 million from the LA fans just on reputation.

  6. Speed Killz

    They will still be in the finals. I’m not a Laker fan but this is the same situation they were in last year against the Rockets. The Thunder are just hungrier than the Lakers at the moment. But it’s not the Thunders time. There’s no cinderellas in the NBA. The better team always wins the series. Go JaZz.

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  8. Silk_Wilkes

    back-2-back NBA champs. Another summer of despair for Laker Haters. It’s absolutely sweet.

    Miami goes down next.

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