So It’s Come to This: Holyfield Again Heavyweight Champion (seriously)

Okay, so I log on to tonight and see this:
Damn, that’s Evan Fields. . .aka Evander Holyfield, rocking what appears to be a genuine, authentic Heavyweight Title Belt. In this jumbled world of meaningless acronyms, the WBF may as well be WestBumFuk. . .but that said I wondered why they’d put a rehashed story on the front page – did he die? Was he caught with yet another child out of wedlock?

No, friends, Evander Holyfield – at 47 years old, and half the fighter George Foreman is, probably even today – is ONCE AGAIN THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.

Allow me to repeat that – EVANDER HOLYFIELD, the chiseled body, the slurred speech, the steroid allegations, the Real Deal, the Snoop Dogg aggrandized, the partial ear, the Olympic pariah, not-even-a-great-heavyweight-in-his-prime is ONCE AGAIN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. . .AT 47 YEARS OF AGE.

Stunning. Even for boxing – and we know the state of boxing is horrendous – this is eminently laughable. Luckily, recent years have produced a spate of good bouts (Pacquiao-Cotto, Ward-Kessler,  Abraham-Taylor) but as a newsflash to nobody – the Heavyweight Division is garbage.

One last thing. . .Holyfield won the title versus none other than Frans Botha. Name sound familiar? It should – he was stopped in the fifth round by Mike Tyson in 1999. The White Buffalo. The 42-year old White Buffalo. That fight versus Rusting Iron Mike was 11 years ago, and since then, Botha has won exactly FOUR out of FIFTEEN fights. . .as a KICKBOXER.
Ladies and Gentleman, this is your Heavyweight Division. Sad, isn’t it? Hopefully Tim Keown is prescient. His amazing feature in the December issue of ESPN the Mag uncovered Kris Lawrence of talent/athelete hotbed Miami, who had the truly wonderful idea of turning Division I athletes that do not sign professionally into premier boxers. The talent drain on the Heavyweight Division from basketball & football has left the heavyweight division churning out absolutely pitiful byproducts of human waste and marketing them as big fights. We need the talent to come back, and hopefully ex-Hurricanes Carlton Baker and Quadtrine Hill can lead the first wave of post-collegiate talent into the boxing ring and reinvigorate the heavyweight division.

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