YKI Picked up by KCAL9/CBS2

I have some pretty exciting news. YKI was recently picked up by KCBS2/KCAL9.

About three-quarters of the way down the page (yes, even below Inside MMA), you will find me under “Sports Blogs.”

CBS2 Sports Home Page (click)

The direct link to my YKI on CBS is HERE.

Again & seriously, thank you for your support, comments & interest. Los Angeles, baby!!!!



  1. ochocinco85

    i’m sorry designstiles, if you know Arte Moreno you know that it’s the LOS ANGELES Angels of Anaheim.

  2. the phanatic

    Where is my Executive Producer Credit????? Dont make me post links to Acia offers in the comments section (like some punk teenager in mommy and daddys basement) because I will if due credit is not given. Rembember, if not for me Yallkiltit would still be known as Dodger Blast – how quaint and so 2009.

  3. steelersfanbigben

    even here in the Steel City we feel you. i still have no CLUE how you live without an NFL team tho…

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