Setting the Record Straight on Duke vs. Butler

Duke vs. Butler last night: a Championship game of historical proportions.

That proportion being, of course, “most white guys on the court in a Championship Game since the Peach Baskets were removed.” This was a phenomenal ‘matchup,’ precisely the type of game that would form an intriguing Sweet 16 matchup in the years prior to ‘One and Done.’ Both teams have nice stories (wow – an underrated, gritty Duke team that Mike Krzyzewski deemed one of his lesser-talented squads vs. the ‘Hoosiers’ Butler squad), but the caliber of talent was not nearly what should be expected in a title game.

Those expecting Showtime or something similar were severely disappointed: Last’s night’s game, while certainly thrilling, was clumsy, awkward, graceless, and at times downright painful to watch. Butler’s offense seemed to revolve around one guy: 20-year old Gordon Hayward who lunged his rickety frame gamely into the paint over and over again only to be rebuffed by someone taller, more athletic, and more avidly-recruited.

And Duke? All I’m saying is when a guy named Kyle Singler is a runaway force on offense (also lunging his rickety frame into the paint over and over again, but with more success) it’s not Showtime.

It’s. . . . . . . . . . Slowtime.

The game itself was great, and I appreciate the ‘purity’ of College Hoops, but seriously – I yearn for the days of serious Final Fours with superstars galore, or at least a Carmelo Anthony. But this year? We’ll be lucky if Singler, Hawyard or even Jon Scheyer grow into the status of say a Kirk Hinrich.



  1. James Conetta

    I think that it was a good thing to see
    more white athletes playing. It may have
    lacked some of the athleticism of previous
    finals, but more intelligent decisions wer
    being made. Obviously, the NBA saw a problem
    in the 90’s when they ultimately decided to
    draft and recruit more basketball players from
    Europe – they were more fundamentally sound.
    Showtime is great, but not with all the antics and
    the pounding on the chest. What you saw were 2
    teams as opposed to 10 individuals looking out
    for themselves.

    jimmy c.

  2. ochocinco85

    @jimmy c – sorry to tell you but there are ‘blacker’ teams that actually play superior basketball, and actually make it entertaining to boot. your mention of a ‘problem’ in the nba reeks of racism, when in fact the entire level of competition was improved precisely because of those players.


    First things first – you need to get a good perspective on this L.A. thing. Important that we win the games and pull out the clutch. Go Dogs.

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