Fire Ben Howland Watch: J’mison Morgan Transfers After Dismissal

Keeping up with the rest of the highly-touted, much-ballyhooed, utterly disappointing 2008 Ben Howland recruiting class, J’Mison “Bobo” Morgan was dismissed from the UCLA hoops team today. In keeping count post-Jrue Holiday and post-Drew Gordon, this leaves only the exasperating Malcolm Lee and under-performing Jerime Anderson from what was widely regarded as the best recruiting class in the Nation.

The Fire Ben Howland Watch continues. . .no seriously, I’m a “good” coach:

And in all seriousness, YKI realizes Ben Howland is a good – nee, great – Coach.  He just shouldn’t be in Westwood.  The UCLA Baskeball program needs to run, needs to be explosive, needs to EXCITE.  This is the town that created Showtime, even pre-Lakers (Alcindor, Walton, Goodrich, Reggie Miller, BDavis, Toby Bailey, etc).



  1. BG

    Someone on the same page as me… Look I saw Howland dismantle ASU as HC at Northern Arizona, with inferior athletes… He did the same at Pitt with 3 and 4 star guys. Send him to DePaul and let him get those guys again and be the programs savior. Get the Jew, Bruce Pearl to Westwood.. Charisma (unlike little nicky), fast-past tempo and can recruit.

    Otherwise CAL,WASH, ASU and Zona will pass up UCLA with their excellent coaches

  2. Howard

    Yes, let’s go back to the showtime of Reggie Miller, it was great!!! Reggie Miller and UCLA, NIT Champions 1985! That’s the kind of winning UCLA deserves!

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  5. Calven

    Yes, Ben Howland has to go, if he doesn’t win the 2010 final then he should go. This is UCLA, not Pitt, who btw, is doing much better after Ben left. NEXT !

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