Pierce College, Los Angeles – First Hall of Fame Class

A big shout to Tom Hoffarth (he of Farther Off the Wall & Daily News success) for penning a series of very Valley-centric stories, celebrating the Pierce College Athletic Hall of Fame, which announced their first class this past week.

The pieces on Denny Crum & Mark Harmon were enlightening, as both give genuine credit to the Junior College for providing the foundation/springboard to their multi-layered successes. Even more impressive is the actual list of HoFers, again proving that Los Angeles – and specifically the Valley – is forever a hotbed for athletic talent.


Denny Crum :: Basketball

Doug DeCinces :: Baseball

Mark Harmon :: Football

Erik Kramer :: Football

Barry Zito :: Baseballhttps://i1.wp.com/www.chrisoleary.com/Projects/Baseball/Pitching/Images/Pitchers/BarryZito/BarryZito_2007_029.jpg



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