Lakers – Losers on a Winning Streak?

So despite the Lakers recent six-game winning streak, nobody is happy with the direction of the squad.
In fact, here is Phil Jackson’s assessment after their latest victory.

"It was awful," Jackson said. "It was an awful second half. There was no intensity. We didn’t play right… We just didn’t play with a full functioning group of guys. Kobe [Bryant] took one shot [in the second half]. Made his shot [and] that was it. So we weren’t going to come out there and play with the kind of intensity you have to play with."

Seems that their most consistent performer right now is beat writer Mike Bresnahan, who breaks down the Lakers’ chances at becoming the first repeat NBA title winner since 2002. The story address both his – and fans’ – largest concerns for what augurs to be a contentious playoff run (Blazers in round one? Eesh).

Furthermore, concerns abound amongst their guard play, the spotty Jordan Farmar vs. the non-shooter Shannon Brown vs. the aging Derek Fisher, and the fact that even a six-game winning streak is leaving them unmotivated and eerily reminiscent of last year’s squad that was taken to the wire by Houston.
Much of the concerns have to do with the frontcourt as much as the backcourt, with Gasol constantly irked, whether it be by Kobe’s reluctance to pass or the Spanish paparazzi trailing him throughout the South Bay.

The young and oft-injured Andrew Bynum is down yet again (for the third consecutive season), and who knows his mindset upon return.
In short, the Lakers are still the number one team in the Western Conference and still appear superior to any team in the conference, but the concerns are there; this is evident with their 8-9 record against the top four teams in the League. That said, this is LA-LA land, and since the Dominating days of Shaq, the Lakers have shown to be a team that can truly flip the switch – which is definitely what will need to be done this year.



  1. Higbot

    The Blazers always give the Lakers fits, but not so much that they can win a playoff series.

    Denver and Dallas are going to be tough to beat.

    Getting past those teams will be a struggle, but then the Lakers will crush the Cavs in the Finals. They are more formidable with Z than with Shaq but they’ll still get crushed.

  2. brammy

    This seems to play into Phil’s normal routine of ‘less coaching is more’ during these February-March games. None of this matters until the playoffs. I expect a very easy Western Conference Finals maybe, 3 losses throughout their playoff series’.

    It should be a hell of a Lakers-Cavs Finals. The ratings will be off the charts.

    P.S.- Bynum is a very frustating player to like with all his injuries. I was just commenting on how dominant he can be when he tries but here we are back to the rehab center again for who knows how long.

  3. steelersfanbigben


  4. ochocinco85

    The Lakers have nothing to be worried about, this is their year yet again. You seriously think anybody can compete with Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, Odom and Artest?!?!?

  5. The Itz

    For all the bickering about the Lakers this year amongst media and Laker Nation members, it comes down to this one, immutable truth:

    You either believe in this team or you don’t.

    If you do, then leave it at that. If you don’t, then jump off the bandwagon and let the real Laker diehards cheer this team to sweet 16. LAKERS RULE!

  6. Clownfl3

    i love my Lakers mostly because most people that aren’t fans of the Lakers (like the Red Sox or Raiders) hate em…plus being 4rm LA you gotta love em (i hate LA Laker haters with a passion)…i got love for the Clippers to…but its Lakers 4 life…succ a dicc if you dont agree with me

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