If a Heavyweight Falls in Germany and no Americans are Around to Cheer it. . .

Did anybody know there’s a Heavyweight Title Fight tonight?  I didn’t, until I caught the agate type in today’s L.A. Times.  Sure enough, “Fast” Eddie Chambers vs. the formidable (if not a bit sluggish) Ukranian Wladimir Klitschko.

In fact, a google search of “Klitchscko Chambers” warrants nothing more than a few linkouts, random blogs (hello!) and Klitschko.com’s update. . .from July, 2009.

I know that boxing’s heavyweight division is in shambles – thank you, NFL, for stealing all the talent of the last two generations – but seriously, not ONE major market newspaper is covering the fight? BadLeftHook does as good of a preview as you’re going to find, but seriously – is it so dire that HBO won’t even pick up the fight? Well, at least the logic is sound according to Robert Morales at the L.A. Daily News, who says Kevin Flaherty, an HBO spokesman, said the network didn’t pick up the fight because “March 20 is wall-to-wall March Madness on CBS and a live fight in the afternoon – from Germany – would have been a formidable challenge breaking through.”

And yeah, you CAN find the fight if you look hard enough, but you’ll need a pretty strong broadband to support it, it’s ONLY available on Klitschko.com for $14.95.

Bytheway, here’s a quick shot of “Fast” Eddie + Wladimir:



One comment

  1. Countthechips

    That is terrible. The World heavyweight Championship boxing match is not available to watch live. Disgusting!

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