Cal-St. Northridge: Hockey Champions, Swimming Eliminated

A mixed bag for Cal-St. Northridge this week; first, the good: The CSUN Matadors Hockey Team (!!?!?) is headed to the National Championships. Not quite Division I hockey, but an achievement nonetheless, as the Iceadors have been lacing up the skates for 38 years and this is their first appearance. There is a dearth of D-I hockey west of the Rockies, and these National Championships are the holy grail for non-scholarship programs.

Now, the bad: perhaps predicating more cuts throughout the state’s Higher Education system, Cal-St. Northridge was forced to cut both men’s and women’s swimming. The move to discontinue men’s and women’s swimming will reduce the number of intercollegiate sports supported by Cal State Northridge to 18 (8 men’s, 10 women’s) which still ranks in the upper half of the Big West Conference members in terms of team sponsorship. Undergraduate student-athletes now on the men’s and women’s rosters who are receiving athletics scholarships will retain aid until their athletic eligibility expires. The CSUN Athletic Department will provide the student-athletes with assistance should they decide to transfer to another university or college.



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