A Magical Evening with Koufax, Torre

The L.A. Live played host to a magical event on Saturday night; An Evening with Sandy Koufax and Joe Torre at the Nokia Theatre, moderated by T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times. I attended with The Count (my pops), who was misty-eyed at the thought of even seeing Koufax (a notorious ‘recluse’) speak freely & publicly.

Turns out that the acerbic & endearingly annoying Simers was a perfect facilitator for this event, just as he was last year during the John Wooden/Vin Scully event. Immediately making himself the butt of jokes – while poking fun at the two legends – he enabled Koufax to feel comfortable, as the gregarious Torre played along, contributing anecdotes and color to Koufax’s somewhat brief initial ripostes. One thing clear from the beginning is that Sandy was going to tell the truth, and would answer questions adamantly, if not a bit tersely as well.
I was very surprised to hear that neither of Koufax’s two major injuries occurred while pitching, meaning that the era of starters throwing 300+ innings was more beneficial for players as I’ve been saying. . again, buttressing my long-running stance on ‘pitch counts’ ruining a generation of pitchers; i mean honestly, why is pitching the only physical activity that maintains the philosophy of ‘less’ is better for you? The fact is, though, with Sandy – one of his injuries occurred when he was hit by pitch as a batter and an artery exploded; the other when he was sliding back into second base and landed on his elbow awkwardly.

Another inspirational moment occurred when Clayton Kershaw was pulled on stage – the lefty having been previously compared to Sandy Koufax by none other than Torre – and stood side-by-side with Koufax, at one point comparing hand size. Koufax – legendary for his huge hands – dwarfed Kershaw’s hands, but admitted that the kid is a damn good pitcher and is obviously making due with his more average-sized hands.

Additional highlights included:
*Vin Scully video tribute to Koufax, including his ‘final out’ call of the perfect game vs. the Cubs, and some good-natured ribbing of Torre from Vin.
*Torre discussing his childhood and abuse, and being a ‘portly’ kid that was motivated by his brother’s haranguing to get in shape and fulfill his potential.
*Koufax dismissing any thoughts about him being ‘soft’ and saying that a quality start “ended with me shaking hands with the catcher.”
*Tommy Lasorda video tribute to being the man cut so Sandy could take his place on the roster.

Great, great evening – I look forward to next year’s event (hint, hint – TJ) – hopefully featuring Tommy Lasorda in person.



  1. Countthechips

    What an awesome evening! Koufax provided insight into his life and career which I did not know!. A true gentleman, but a fierce competitor. I did not know the extent of ALL the problems he faced with his pitching arm during his career. Torre was gracious and articulate.

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