UCLA Hoops 2008 Recruiting Class Dissected

As alluded to previously by YKI, Ben Howland‘s much ballyhooed recruiting class for 2008-2009 largely fell flat. The national consensus #1 recruiting class is dissected by Chris Foster in today’s L.A. Times.

Jrue Holiday left prematurely but seems to fit better in the NBA; Malcolm Lee seems to be growing past his awkward (and underwhelming) first season-and-a-half and turning into a marginal-to-good point guard; Jerime Anderson has battled injuries and hasn’t seen serious court time a la Cedric Bozeman; Drew Gordon bailed at the first sign of stress; J’mison “Bobo” Morgan reported out of shape and might or might not have upside (and will get a chance to show it during the Pac-10 tourney). In short, there is basically one more year until this class is considered a complete bust. . .


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