DodgerBlast: Ticket Price Increase

Thanks to Kevin Roderick at the wonderful LA Observed for the actual breakdown of the Dodgers and their continued money grab:

No sooner did the word get out about a secret long-term plan to nearly double ticket prices at Dodger Stadium than the team announced an immediate and significant hike for this season, especially for low-end tickets. For the first time, the Dodgers will add $2 or $3 to the price of Friday and Saturday games. The lowest-priced same-day ticket, up in the top deck, will now be $15, an increase of $4. Left-field pavilion seats jumped $5 to $18, and prices were raised across several other categories at the lower end.

Many high-end prices on the field and loge levels stayed the same, as all prices did after the 2008 season. And by dropping $20 off the rear rows on the field level (to $100) and the advance price for the all-you-can-eat seats in right field (by $5 to $30) the Dodgers are able to say the new adjustments only increase the average ticket price by 75 cents. In all, prices went up on about 35% of seats. And another twist: when single-game tickets go on sale, the Yankees series won’t be included. All those tickets are being held back for sale in packages.

***NOTE: Kevin is the author of my second favorite all-time ‘coffee table book’ – San Fernando Valley: America’s Suburb***

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