DodgerBlast: TJ Simers on Eric Gagne’s Return

Proving once again that he’s the most uniquely insightful sports reporter in the country (and certainly at his own paper), T.J. Simers provides commentary and perspective on Eric Gagne’s attempt to return to the Dodgers.

Topics addressed include Gagne’s admitted HGH use:
“You were using HGH, weren’t you?”

“I did,” he says. “I hate to talk about it. It just doesn’t do anyone any good. But I thought it would help me get better when I hurt my knee. I just don’t want that to sound as an excuse.

as well as his return to Dodger Stadium. . .as a fan:
In the third inning, Gagne was shown sitting in the stands, the ovation growing louder by the second. It hit him hard. He took both hands and blew a kiss to the crowd.
“I’m a baseball fan,” Gagne said. “I love the game and love L.A. so much. There’s nothing like the atmosphere of a playoff game in Dodger Stadium.”

Simers also had Gagne discuss what he will tell his children about his legacy:
“I’ve been asking myself the same question, but I’ll tell them straight up like I do everything else. I’ll make them understand action and reactions to those actions, and making a decision and living with the consequences.

In short, Gagne’s “career has come full circle,” and here he is once again trying to earn a roster spot:
“I can’t tell you how excited I am right now. I’m home again. I just have to make the team.”


  1. Countthechips

    HGH. PCP. LSD. I don’t care what he used. 88 saves in a row is awesome!
    Perhaps he can show Broxton how to close a game!!!!!!!!

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