DodgerBlast: Game NOT Over, McCourt Finances, 5th Starter

I am glad to see Mr. Gagne return to the Dodgers (even in minor league capacity), even if it was the performance enhancers that helped him save 84 straight games during an unparalleled three-year stint of greatness as Dodgers closer. Here’s the before vs. after photos, just FYI:

Second note from Bill Shaikin in today’s L.A. Times highlights Jamie doubling her request for support payments, but more important (encouraging?) for Dodgers fans, her attorneys outline the fiscal success of the McCourt ownership, alluding to their children’s salaries ($600k combined, even though one is still in school) and Frank’s “lifestyle.” The attorneys for Jamie state that Frank has more than enough money, and in theory the Dodgers may NOT be in as bad of financial state as previously thought.

Lastly, our family friend David E., points out this analysis from Fangraphs about who should be the Dodgers fifth starter. James McDonald appears to the the leading candidate, though knuckleballer Charlie Haeger was always fun to watch (Tom Candiotti, anyone?). That said, having a knuckler in the rotation is always daunting – “just float and watch and hope.”



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