UCLA Baseball: Another Victim of Title IX?

Seems there is a rumor abound that UCLA will be dropping Men’s Baseball as yet another unfortunate byproduct of Title IX. I can not confirm nor deny these rumors, though I do have an email out to the SID and Director of Media, but if anybody has information PLEASE email me at evan.lovett @ gmail.com.

This is a shame not only because of UCLA’s extensive list of Major League Baseball players (Jackie Robinson, Eric Karros, Todd Zeile, Troy Glaus, Chase Utley – to name a handful), but the beauty and joy of Steele Field at Jackie Robinson Stadium. This move wouldn’t seem to jibe with the administration, who just upgraded the facility in attempt to make it more tournament-worthy, and aside from some early-season, bone-chilling wind in the VA-neighboring facility, there is not a more beautiful nook in the State to watch a baseball game.

Stay posted, and please update me if you have any info.




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  2. Big R Skanky

    JV. Those players for the most part went to college to better their draft status. Didn’t go there for the betterment of the program. Of those 350 how many where drafted out of H.S.? Outside of a select a few programs (LSU,UT).How much revenue do they actually generate? If there is a program already in place that is for the same age group.. why should we pay for another one with our money? If money wasn’t an issue I would agree with college baseball. But it is

    • Rory Carrier

      Title IX micromanages college baseball to the point where they can’t make money. If they increased the scholarships to at least 15-20 per team that would in the LONG RUN help the sport out and get more quality players into the game. Last I read there were only about a half a dozen programs that ran a profit. However, quite a bit of money is “hidden” under non profit status. How can they claim some of these programs lose money when they’re paying coaches 100,000 – 200,000 per year and the teams have an operating budget of up to $2million? TCU is a private college and has a baseball budget of $2 million and a brand new stadium, even drawing in Matt Purke, a first round draft pick who got screwed by the Rangers. How is TCU drawing from anyone’s tax dollars? Not everything is what it seems.

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