DodgerBlast: Manny Nearly Declines Option?

Turns out Manny Ramirez almost declined his option for 2010, theoretically clearning $20 million in payroll – albeit, later than Colletti & Co. could have actually used it on something more relevant & beneficial than bargain bin shopping – until he realized that nobody in their right mind would sign him for nearly that much. . .do any other Dodger fans ‘kind of’ wish that Manny would not have exercised that option? I figure he’ll be of some use this year, 19-23hr, 78-90 RBI. . .but will his head (or body) hold up?


  1. The Murph

    You serious? Manny’s old creaky ass is going to break down in May. I WISH he would have went back to the a.l.

  2. ChinkyI'dBandit

    Manny is a waste now, all the steroids in the world or even female hormone couldnt help him hit it out of dodger stadium

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